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Molybdenum Disulfide Automatic Electroless Nickel Plating Line

Molybdenum Disulfide Automatic Electroless Nickel Plating Line

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Guiyang Seiko molybdenum disulfide automatic production line

1. Before assembly have a long time of test Working time can be adjusted.

2. under human-computer interface control. including fault display and warning device.

3. This Automatic electroplating line is good quality and reasonable price. High efficiency and capacity with easily maintenance.

4. This type of plating line are applied for hardware, stationery material, automobile, motorcycle parts , ASB industry and so on.

5. Applicable for plating simplex product without process change.

6. Electric conductivity equable, plating thickness equable, the horizontal and up/down motion controlled by hydraulic pump, the equipment is stable and silent while operating.

RankItemBarrel Plating Equipment
1Material of tankPP, PVC, Stainless steel
2Material of transporterStainless steel
3Material of frameworkStainless steel
4ModelAutomatic, Semi – automatic
5Control systemPLC
6Heating modelSteam, Hot water
7Surrounding equipmentsRectifiers, Filters, Pipe, Air blower, waste gas treatment system and so on
8AdvantageFlexible design, safe, stable and high strength
9ApplicationDifferent kind of plating for metal and plastic products

Spray painting, powder spraying, baking equipment

The service content includes: equipment shelf life within a year of free maintenance and warranty, equipment maintenance after the handover of the project, the provision of spare parts, free technical support under special circumstances, the control system software upgrade provided by our company, and so on.

1. Our company is a contractual and reputable enterprise in Jiangsu Province. We have standard and strict requirements for each contract and complete accounts, and perform each contract to the letter.

2, on the premise of ensuring quality, after the completion of the project, at the same time, hand over a complete engineering technical data to your factory, for easy maintenance.

3. The equipment of your factory shall be regarded as that of our company to ensure the normal operation and production, and train the operators of the production line for your factory free of charge at any time on site. It is our pursuit to create good benefits for your factory.

4. The warranty period shall be one year after the acceptance. If any quality problem occurs within 2 hours, Party B shall arrive at the scene within 12 hours upon receipt of the notice, complete the repair or replacement within 24 hours and bear the cost of repair and replacement; Party B shall be deemed to have failed to deliver the goods on time and Party A shall have the right to hold Party B liable for breach of contract if the goods fail to meet the quality standard agreed herein after Party B's two repairs. Party B shall also be responsible for repairing the problems caused by Party A's improper storage after the goods are delivered to the site, but the expenses shall be borne by Party A.

5. After the operation of the equipment, Wuxi New Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. will send one or two engineers to be responsible for the equipment escort service.

6. Party B shall designate a special person to contact Party A for after-sales service matters.

7, regular inspection: our company regularly send technical personnel to visit users, equipment inspection, at any time to understand the operation of the system, equipment use and the latest requirements of users, timely solve all kinds of software and hardware problems encountered by users.

Hotline consultation: by telephone, to provide customers with system consultation, machine fault diagnosis, simple problem solving and other services. For the problems that cannot be solved by telephone, the technicians of the local branch or office will be immediately notified to the site for maintenance. My company after-sales service contact person: Zhou Nanxing

My company southwest Chengdu Huangtianba after-sales service base contact person: Kuang Minggang

9, network support: can directly feed back the demand information through the network, and track and supervise the problem solving process, if necessary, can directly to the company's regulatory department to complain

China Molybdenum Disulfide Automatic Electroless Nickel Plating Line supplier

Molybdenum Disulfide Automatic Electroless Nickel Plating Line

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