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With analog and Dante input 32 channel Dante audio matrix for multi-conference room

With analog and Dante input 32 channel Dante audio matrix for multi-conference room

Brand Name:FHB Audio
Model Number:DM3208
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Place of Origin:China
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With analog and Dante input 32 channel Dante audio matrix for multi-conference room

The DM series audio system uses ADI SHARC 21569 processing chip with a main frequency of up to 1GHz and a 64-bit floating point DSP engine. It is powerful and suitable for large-scale conference scenarios such as large command centers, exhibition centers, and multi-conference room clusters.


Model No.DM3208
DSP ChipDSP Chip
Sampling rate/quantization bits48K/24bit;40bit DSP floating point operation engine
Number of analog input and output channels8 x 8
Number of Dante input and output channels32X32
Input gain0/3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24/27/30/33/ 36/39/42/45/48 dBu
Phantom power+48V/10mA max
Frequency response (20~20kHz)±0.3Db
Maximum level+18dBu
Input dynamic range115Db
Output dynamic range115dB
Channel isolation (@1kHz)108Db
Input impedance (balanced connection)5.4KΩ
Output impedance (balanced connection)600Ω
System delay<3ms
Working powerAC110~240V,50Hz/60Hz
Size482 x 260 x 45mm

Main Features:

  1. Analog Channel:8 input and 8output
  2. Dante Channel :64 input and 64 output
  3. Using ADI SHARC 21569 processing chip, DSP processing capacity: 800 MIPS, 1.6 GFLOPS.
  4. USB sound card channel: 2x2.
  5. Configurable GPIO channels: 8.
  6. Serial port: RS-232 RS-485.
  7. System configuration and control via Ethernet.
  8. Signal processing is performed through intuitive software, allowing configuration and control of signal routing, mixing, equalization, filtering and delay. Multiple built-in processing processes can be freely selected according to different needs.
  9. Provides end-user customized operation interface (GUI), real-time level, data feedback, custom buttons, graphics import, and supports up to 30 devices to be managed on one interface at the same time. It also has central control function and supports RS232, RS485, and UDP. Three control methods can control the power supply, signal switching, environment control, audio, etc. in the system as a whole, and realize the functions required to start the system with one click.
  10. The front panel is equipped with a 2.08" OLED display. Touch the button to turn pages. The displayed content includes:
  11. Device status: device name, project name, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway;
  12. System status: firmware information, temperature, fan speed; input and output channel status: mute, signal indication, +48V phantom power supply.

DM DSP Introduction:

This software is an audio system control software, mainly used as audio processor series product configuration software, processor equipment programming, control software, etc. The interface is simple and intuitive, which is convenient for users to set and call various parameters and plans. Among them, the graphical control interface is one of the core of the system, the signal is what you see is what you get, and the user can achieve control through the software installed on the computer. At the same time, the software also supports wireless touch screen control, providing a more convenient wireless control method.

When using this software, users can complete the setting and calling of various parameters and plans in the entire audio system through simple mouse operation. The intuitive and simple user interface makes it easy for users to get started. At the same time, this manual is written to provide detailed operation guidelines to help users better understand the functions and uses of the software, so as to improve user satisfaction and experience.

Front Panel Introduction:

(1) Power: LED power indicator;

(2)STATUS : equipment operating status indicator;

(3) OLED display: the display content includes: device name, project name, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, firmware information, temperature, fan speed; Input and output channel status: mute, signal indication, +48V phantom power;

(4) Touch button: turn the page of the display content;

(5) USB audio: USB sound card, which can realize recording function

Real Panel Introduction:

① Grounding screw: It can prevent static electricity or leakage on the surface of electrical equipment from causing lightning damage to humans.

② Power: connect 110V—240V AC power supply, rocker switch to control processor power;

③ Ethernet: by connecting to this network port, the client computer can debug and monitor the device;

④ RESET: press and hold for 3 seconds to restore factory settings;

⑤ RS232+RS485 interface: connect control terminal or central control equipment;

⑥ Dante network interface: used to connect to the Dante audio network, the left side is the main port and the right side is the backup port (the two ports cannot be plugged in at the same time);

⑦ GPIO interface: 8 channels can define input/output logic level control ports, which can be connected to trigger equipment actions below 24V, such as dry contact signals, or output 5 V after triggering actions to drive relays and other equipment;

⑧ Analog output interface: can be connected to power amplifiers, active speakers and other equipment;

⑨ Analog signal input interface: can connect microphone, DVD and other devices.

Company Introduction:

FHB Audio was established in 2018,who is a technology-based enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, sales, and service, specializing in the production of digital signal processor, digital conference system, Dante products line, microphones, Digital Mixer, power amplifier etc., also can provide customers with a series of according to their requirements, mainly for conference, education, hotels and other application.

The company has strong R&D technical strength and advanced production equipment, and has a complete product quality control system. From raw material input to cost delivery, all links are tested and quality tracked, so as to ensure reliable and stable quality.

Through unremitting efforts, the scale of FHB has continued to expand, and our company has gathered a group of high-quality, first-class audio technology professionals. So far, our team has more than 100 employees, the product line has increased to 3, and the business is sold all over the world. and have obtained CE, ROHS certificates.

FHB always adheres to the business tenet of "honesty-based", and pursues excellent quality, and constantly improves product quality and after-sales service system to achieve a win-win situation

China With analog and Dante input 32 channel Dante audio matrix for multi-conference room supplier

With analog and Dante input 32 channel Dante audio matrix for multi-conference room

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