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Foot Pedal Welding Machine JA-50KVA

Foot Pedal Welding Machine JA-50KVA

Brand Name:Jin Hongxiang
Model Number:JD-50
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Delivery Time:5-10 working days. Or negotiation
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
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Foot pedal welding machine JA-35KVA

This spot welding machine is the simplest and fully mechanical. It is carefully designed and equipped with perfect accessories. Within the welding range, the welding effect can be achieved very well. Compared with the pneumatic spot welding machine, it requires foot strength when working. The operator will work harder and the efficiency will be slower.

This machine is mainly used for spot welding

Other names

JA-35KVA,JA-50KVA Foot pedal spot welder, foot pedal welding machine, small spot welder

Spot welding machine, air pressure spot welding machine, row welding machine,

touch welding machine, butt welding machine, pneumatic spot welding machine,

multi spot welding machine, medium frequency spot welding machine, welding machine, pneumatic

welding machine, high-power spot welding machine, precision spot welding machine,

sheet metal spot welding machine, wire spot welding machine, resistance spot welding machine,

nut spot welding machine, AC spot welding machine, three-phase spot welding machine,

stainless steel spot welding machine, galvanized sheet spot welding machine, Customized spot welding machine,

special spot welding machine, battery spot welding machine, Taiwan spot welding machine,

mesh spot welding machine, multi cylinder spot welding machine, gantry spot welding machine,

wire mesh spot welding machine, DC spot welding machine, small spot welding machine,

Performance characteristics

1. Compact design, convenient operation, simple use and stable performance.
2. The red copper welding transformer has low no-load loss, strong and stable power output.
3. Imported integrated bidirectional thyristor control, IC circuit control board, stable welding current output.
4. The lower cast copper can move left and right and avoid the position, which is convenient for welding special-shaped products.

Detailed description

1. Switching between strong current and weak current, and 99 level adjustment of time and current can be carried out at the same time. The strength can be subdivided, and the current can be adjusted to the extreme and the best state.

2. For some special-shaped products, the lower arm can be offset to meet the ideal welding needs.

3. Taiwan integrated bidirectional thyristor control, IC circuit control board, stable welding current output. Beautiful welding.

4. Thickened and connected pure red copper strip, with large load current and oxidation resistance

5. Solid conductive copper rod with good conductivity. The pull rod is connected with copper base, 380V current is connected, stable and durable. Transformer red copper coil and high-grade silicon steel sheet. The transformer has strong current, sufficient capacity and stronger welding ability. It is not easy to oxidize for a long time and the welding is more stable.

technical parameters

ModelRated power KVAInput voltage VReach MMstroke of electrode MMWelding ability MMPacking size MM
JA-3535KVA380V/50HZ48050A3,2.5+2.5 φ8+φ8950*500*1350
JA-5050KVA380V/50HZ48050A3,3+3 φ10+φ101050*500*1400

Spot welding display

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China Foot Pedal Welding Machine JA-50KVA supplier

Foot Pedal Welding Machine JA-50KVA

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