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High-Efficiency Spray Drying Machine for Tomato Powder Production

High-Efficiency Spray Drying Machine for Tomato Powder Production

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Tomato Powder Production Line , Special Spray Drying Tomato Powder

General Analysis of Special Spray Dryer for Tomato Powder
Processing fresh tomatoes into tomato powder can greatly increase its added value, meanwhile it is also a good way to solve the problems, such as low price and being easily rotting during busy season.
With years of research and development, our company had successfully designed several production lines for processing tomato into powder , and gained high comments from our customer.
Refer to tomato process from fresh tomato to tomato powder , there are two ways :
one way is to use qualified fresh tomato ,and then cut them into slice ,and then dry. finally, choose micro-particle grinder to process dry tomato slice into powder

The other way is to broken the fresh and qualified tomato into slurry, and use vacuum concentrator to concentrate them, finally,use spray dryer to process tomato liquid into powder . currently , this way is very popular for tomato powder in industry .

The process procedures
Raw material selected
Breaking tomato into slurry
Filtering the slurry
Concentrate the slurry by Vacuum concentrator
Homogenizing the slurry
Dry the slurry by spray dryer
Packing the qualified product.
Our production line is made on request , we warmly welcome customers who are interested in this line to visit us for more discussion.

Raw material selection
Fresh, ripe, bright red, and pest-free tomatoes are used as raw materials.

Hot crushing
Hot crushing refers to a treatment method in which tomatoes are heated to 85°C immediately after they are crushed.

In order to remove the skin and seeds of the tomatoes, a beater is used to beat through 2 stages. The screen diameter of the first-stage beater is 0.8-1.0 cm, and that of the second-stage beater is generally 0.4-0.6 cm. The speed of the beater is generally 800-1200 rpm. The amount of skin slag obtained after beating should generally be controlled between 4% and 5%.

Vacuum concentration
Concentration methods include vacuum concentration and atmospheric concentration. In atmospheric concentration, the color and flavor of the tomato pulp drop due to the high concentration temperature, and the product quality is poor. Therefore, vacuum concentration is generally used. The temperature used for vacuum concentration is only about 50°C and the vacuum degree is 670 mmHg or more.

Spray Drying
Tomato concentrates are generally spray drying and foam drying.
Spray drying method.

The tomato concentrated slurry was homogenized prior to spray drying. The homogenizing pressure is 150-200 kg/cm2. Centrifugal or two-fluid spray dryers with a cooling jacket on the tower wall are generally used for drying. If the heating medium is pre-dehumidified dry air, the inlet air temperature during drying is generally about 150-160°C, the outlet air temperature is 77-85°C, and the feed concentration is generally 20%-30%.

Foam drying
The key to this drying method is mainly to form a stable foam in the tomato concentrate by adding foaming substances such as soy protein, globulin, fatty acid ester, sugar ester and glycerin monostearate. The temperature of the gas passing through the dryer is approximately 93° C., and the speed is approximately 100-130 m/s, which is supplied in a counter-current manner. The drying time is determined by the characteristics of the product and the drying conditions used. Generally, the drying time can be 15-18 minutes.

Products Parameters

Inlet air temperature(℃)140-350 (automatically controlled)
Outlet air temperature(℃)80-90
Max capacity of evaporation moisture (kg/h)52550100150200-2000

Driving form of rotary atomizer

ElectricMechanical or electric
Rotating speed (rpm)25000180001800018000150008000-15000
Diameter of rotary disc (mm)50120120120150180-340
Heating resourceElectricElectricElectric+steam,oil or gas etcElectric+steam, oil or gas etcElectric+steam, oil or gas etcElectric+steam, oil or gas etc
Max electrical heating power (kw)1836608199Depends on the speific situation

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China High-Efficiency Spray Drying Machine for Tomato Powder Production supplier

High-Efficiency Spray Drying Machine for Tomato Powder Production

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