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Commercial Crane Claw Machine Arcade Coin Operated Game Kit Grabber Toys Doll Machine

Commercial Crane Claw Machine Arcade Coin Operated Game Kit Grabber Toys Doll Machine

Brand Name:MAKER
Model Number:Claw Game Machine-108
Place of Origin:Guangzhou
Price:USD 295-350/SET
Name:Claw Game Machine
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Location: Dongying Guangdong China
Address: Dongying Industrial Park, Shixin Road, Panyu District, Guangdong, China
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Product Details

Short Arcade Claw Game Crane Machine Kit Doll Catcher Gift Crane Claw Machine For Sale

Commercial Crane Claw Machine Arcade Coin Operate Game Kit Grabber Toys Doll Machine

Product Description:

Crane Game Machine
12 months, lifetime maintenance
Game Center, Indoor parks, shopping malls, cultural tourism projects and so on
24-hour after sales service worldwide


The general operation of a conventional claw crane machine is as follows:

Insert coins or tokens: To start playing, you usually need to insert coins or tokens into the machine. The required amount may vary depending on the machine and its settings.

  1. Observe the prizes: Take a moment to survey the prizes or toys inside the machine. They are usually arranged in a way that makes them accessible to the claw, but certain items may be more challenging to grab due to their position, size, or weight.

  2. Control the claw: Once you're ready to play, you'll use a joystick or directional controls to move the claw horizontally over the desired prize. Most claw crane machines also feature a button or separate control to control the vertical movement of the claw.

  3. Position the claw: Aim to position the claw directly above the prize you want to grab. Keep in mind that the claw's grip strength and the positioning of the items can vary, making it more or less difficult to successfully pick up a prize.

  4. Lower the claw: When you're satisfied with the claw's position, you'll typically press a button to lower the claw towards the prizes. The claw will descend, and you'll need to time it correctly to increase your chances of grabbing the desired item.

  5. Grip the prize: Once the claw reaches its lowest point, it will close in an attempt to grip the prize. The claw's grip strength is often predetermined by the machine's settings, making it challenging to secure a prize firmly.

  6. Retrieve the prize: If the claw manages to grasp a prize and maintain a secure grip, it will begin to lift the item. However, depending on the machine's settings, the claw may release the prize before reaching the retrieval point, adding an element of uncertainty and challenge.

  7. Reward recovery: If the claw finds the prize and delivers it to the retrieval area, you can open a door, use a chute, or alert an arcade worker to claim your reward. This is especially true for larger or more expensive objects.


It's important to note that claw crane machines can vary in terms of difficulty, claw strength, and payout rates. Some machines may have higher grip strength or be set to provide a higher chance of winning, while others may be more challenging. Additionally, the cost per play and the number of attempts allowed may differ between machines.

Support and Services:

1. Reply Inquiry Within 12 Hours

2. Guaranteed Quality

3. Strong r&d Ability

4. Long Time Cooperation

5. Professional After-Sales Service

6. Experienced Sales Team


Game Boards:6 month warranty from date of purchase. lifetime maintenance
Monitors:12 month warranty from date of purchase.

1.Payment mode
2.Payment term
Game kit: Full payment before shipment.
Complete machine: 30% when place order, the balance before shipment.

Q3: PACKING& SHIPMENT packing,or as per buyer's requests.Safe for transportation.
2. Delivery time: 1~2 days(game kits)/3~7 days(Game Cabinet) if in stock.

1.We can offer instructions,photos,videos for buyer's installation and operation of the game
2.Any technical questions during your business period pls feel free to contact us .
China Commercial Crane Claw Machine Arcade Coin Operated Game Kit Grabber Toys Doll Machine supplier

Commercial Crane Claw Machine Arcade Coin Operated Game Kit Grabber Toys Doll Machine

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