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8mm Cobalt Chrome Mens Brushed Stepped Edges Wedding Band Ring

8mm Cobalt Chrome Mens Brushed Stepped Edges Wedding Band Ring

Brand Name:OEM Brand or Tagor Jewelry
Certification:SGS and etc
Model Number:As in product description
Minimum Order Quantity:10pcs each size
Delivery Time:7-10 days for sample order, 15-30 days for regular order
Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union, Paypal
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Location: Dongguan Guangdong China
Address: https://bh-jewelry.en.alibaba.com
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Product Details
8mm Cobalt Chrome Mens Brushed Stepped Edges Wedding Band Ring
Material: cobalt chrome

Color: silver

Finish: brushed finish

Shape: pipe cut

Sizes: USA size 4 to 15 including half sizes

Thickness: 2.3mm-2.5mm
Width: 8mm
MOQ: 10 pieces each size

Payment & Shipping Terms

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal

Packaging Details: OPP bag or according to the instruction of customers


Delivery Time: 7-10 days for sample order, 15-30 days for regular order.

Delivery Methods: UPS, DHL, Fedex, EMS, TNT and so on.

Supply Ability: 10000 pieces per Month


WHY Cobalt Chrome:
Why should I consider a cobalt ring?
The biggest selling point of the cobalt is it’s color. It’s color is pretty spot-on to that of platinum. The color is a natural bright white and will not tarnish. Whereas titanium and tungsten rings are a darker gray color, a cobalt ring is just as bright white as a platinum ring and much whiter than a “white gold” ring. There are many other benefits of a cobalt ring as well. It is durable. Tungsten rings although much harder than a cobalt ring, are brittle and can chip, crack or shatter upon a hard impact. Granted, this is rare but it does happen. However, with a cobalt ring this scenario will never happen. Cobalt rings are made of a medical grade of cobalt and cobalt is used in the body for hip and knee replacements. It’s hypoallergenic benefits are great for those with allergy issues.
What is cobalt ring made of?
A cobalt ring is made of cobalt and alloyed with chromium.

Does a cobalt ring scratch?

Cobalt rings are scratch resistant, not scratch proof, so,yes, they will scratch. But they don’t scratch nearly as easy as a titanium ring, and definitely not in the category of a white gold or platinum ring (which scratch very easily). However, the scratches can be polished out by a jeweler.

Do jewelers like cobalt rings?
Most jewelers we have spoken with have embraced cobalt rings. One of the main reasons is that now their wedding band shoppers can purchase a naturally white colored wedding band for an affordable price compare that to a platinum wedding band. So purchasing matching sets is definitely within most folks budget. And the cobalt wedding band will not scratch like a platinum band will. The customers love the savings and the platinum look, while the jeweler loves to be able to offer this new wedding band option to their customers. Everybody wins!
How is a cobalt ring made?
Cobalt rings can be manufactured by using the traditional method of casting, or by the more modern method of milling. Being that cobalt is a hard material, it has a very high melting point of 2750 F for casting. But because it can be cast this allows for more intricate designs that are not possible by milling the ring.

Why Choose Tagor Jewelry Factory?

1. Over 10 years manufacturing experience in jewelry industry.

2. Stong production capacity, prompt delivery time.

3. Trained staffs, professional customer service.

4. Highest quality products, most competitive prices.

5. Sample orders are available before regular order.

China 8mm Cobalt Chrome Mens Brushed Stepped Edges Wedding Band Ring supplier

8mm Cobalt Chrome Mens Brushed Stepped Edges Wedding Band Ring

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