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SS304 Shoe Sole Cleaner Machine With Handle

SS304 Shoe Sole Cleaner Machine With Handle

Certification:CE, ISO9001
Model Number:ZS-ZD-2000
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time:15 days after receive prepayment
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Product Details

SS304 Shoe Sole Cleaning Machine With Handle For Food Plant

Sole Clean Machine is suitable for high clean requirement, a variety of environmental air shower, food plants, chemical industry and other higher places.

The sole public places clean: clean room access channel

Product description:

Sole cleaning machine using a unique new polymer composite materials, adding detergent, disinfectant, direct clean soles, soles kill germs. Extremely easy to use, only a few seconds, you can be the sole and side mud or dust pollution polished automatically cleared. Sole cleaning machines so simple on the lifting of the trouble, which is to ensure the health, but also eliminates the trouble of changing his shoes, but his shoes to avoid the embarrassment of some of the guests.


Easy to use: after you walk through it, you shoes soles become clean.
the thickness is only 120CM.
Clean with special water spring system.
Clean hygienically and comfortably shoe soles by an active brush surface.
Cleans dry shoe soles with active brush surface.
Made with stainless steel 304.
Able to clean all types of shoe soles.
The brush belts are made from durable nylon brushes, especially designed for applications with water and detergent.
Designed for a long life time, stable construction.


1. when a person enters the radar sensor area, sole cleaning machines work automatically 3-6 seconds, when no one is automatically closed.

2. cleaning up litter: Open suction area network board, the pump automatically extracting water.

3. when complete rubbish closed suction area network board, the pump automatically shut down


Sole cleaning machine is suitable for clean room, home, office, laboratory, laboratories, computer rooms, television stations, hotels, studio and so on. In addition, the product also has a function for the sole disinfectant for hospitals, food plants, pharmaceutical plants, plant breeding and other special places.


Size (mm)2000x750x120
Clean zonelength 900mm
Dry zonelength 820mm
Motor power200W
Pump power40W
Pump voltage110-220V
Pump switch24V
Rotate speed10m/min
Start wayautomatic
Sewageautomatic (sensor)
Manual (switch)
Usage: stay 2-4s on clean zone, stay 2-4s on dry zone


Project picture:

(Shoe clean machine in air shower, saving space, the best choice)

Contact information:

Contact person: Rita Guo

Whatsapp: 86-13712072567

Email:sales@cleanroom-airshower.com; ritagly@dgzsjh.com.cn, sales-guo@ zsfilters.com



China SS304 Shoe Sole Cleaner Machine With Handle supplier

SS304 Shoe Sole Cleaner Machine With Handle

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