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Hot Air PVC Welding Machine Adjustable Speed For Banner Flex Welding

Hot Air PVC Welding Machine Adjustable Speed For Banner Flex Welding

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Hot Air PVC Welding Machine Adjustable Speed For Banner Flex Welding

Function Parameter Guideline

Rated voltage






Temperature scope


Speed scope






Splicing width


1. The flex banner welder use hot air to join disjunct poster banner without glue.
2. Work temperature, move speed, and wind speed are adjustable.
3. Constructed simple, easy to maintain, The volume is small, the whole weight only 15 kilogram,
4. Operation is also simple, needs not much guide to operate.
5. Its welder nozzel have a sensor can make the ture temperature accuratelly.

Specification parameter

1. Alternant electric voltage: 220V/50Hz
2. Upper limit power: 2000W, average 800W
3. Adjustable work temperature: 50-600
4. Adjustable: self-move speed 0.8-15M/per minute;

5. Adjustable: wind speed 1-6 grades
6. Whole weight: 10kg

7. Splicing width: 2-5cm.

Operation procedures

1. During welding, use the gripe to align the moving direction, let the upper piece edge be in touch with the inner side of the welder nozzle.

2. After the machine go pass the overlap edge to the end, the two disjunct pieces will be joined together, then turn the welder handle to right, it will stop moving.

3. Turn off the heater switch, wait the gun come to cold, then turn off the power supply is ok.

4. Notice: To prolong the electrothermal heater, after work it is strongly advice that cooling the heater at first, then turn off the power 5 minutes later. I

ncase of the power suddenly be off, should handle the welding gun away firstly, and close down the temperature knob, nextly consider the problem of power supply.

5. To get better satisfied bonding effect, the ground of the overlap pieces should be smoothly, hard and heat resistive.

We suggest that the operator may do some more test and practice using some samples of the pieces to get the suitable speed and temperature and hot

air blowing rate before operate it for seaming formally.

simple description

Before hemming or welding, leave 30-40 mm wide overlap edge for connection the two disjust surface piceces . immobilize both ends of each disjunct pieces with something such as stick belt or clamp.

This machine is use for weld split PVC, PE and other material can be hot melt. When picture size more than printer printing width, need to split the picture to some part,

after print out then weld them together. Usually use 502 glue to joint them by hand, but this way is disadvantageous, like: slowly, after long time the glue is not hard,

the glue will dirty picture, work by hand hard to control the quality etc.

Our intelligent banner welder can resolve the problem successfully. Our machine no need glue, use hot air to melt the material and joint them together;

it can move itself in work; with sensor in the welder nozzle, can control the work temperature accurately; Work temperature, speed, and fan motor speed are adjustable;

the body made of steel, very strong; little dimension, 41*25*20cm, light weight, just 15kg, can bring it to anywhere easily.

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Hot Air PVC Welding Machine Adjustable Speed For Banner Flex Welding

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