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EN Standard Stainless Steel Industrial Water Wall In Boiler With Strict Testing System

EN Standard Stainless Steel Industrial Water Wall In Boiler With Strict Testing System

Brand Name:HD Boiler
Certification:ISO9001 , ASME , GradeA , SGS , EN ,TUV
Model Number:Water Wall Panels
Place of Origin:China
Panel material:Metal
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EN Standard Stainless Steel Industrial Water Wall In Boiler With Strict Testing System

Product Information

  • The wate wall panel is vertically arranged around the furnace, and its main function is to absorb a large amount of radiant heat from the high-temperature flue gas, and at the same time to reduce the damage of slag and high-temperature flue gas to the furnace wall and protect the furnace wall.
  • The lower end of the water-wall tube is connected to the lower collecting box, which is connected to the water space of the pot barrel through the descending pipe. The upper end is directly connected to the upper pot barrel, or connected to the upper collecting box via the steam pipe and connected to the pot barrel, forming the water circulation system of the water-wall.


Generally, the water-wall pipe is laid around the boiler furnace wall, but we often place part of the water-wall pipes in the middle of the furnace in the large-capacity boilers.
The main functions of water-wall tube are as follows:
(1)Protect the furnace wall and reduce the erosion and damage of high temperature smoke and slag in the furnace to the furnace wall.
After installing water wall, the temperature of inner wall and flue gas temperature in furnace are greatly reduced, which can effectively prevent slag forming on furnace wall and heating surface, and reduce thickness and weight of furnace wall.
Modern large boiler, the use of furnace wall and water-cooled wall tube together to form a pipe-type or tube on the furnace wall, that is, the use of water-cooled wall tube suspended furnace wall.
(2)The high temperature flame in the furnace conducts heat to the water-wall tube, mainly by radiation.
The radiative heat transfer intensity is proportional to the fourth power of the absolute gas temperature.
Because the gas temperature in the furnace is very high, so, the water wall tube in the furnace to absorb radiation heat transfer is very strong, is the main boiler evaporation heating surface.
For high pressure and ultra-high pressure boilers, radiant superheater is usually arranged on the top of the furnace;
For the dc boiler, part of the preheating heating surface (equivalent to economizer) and overheating heating surface (equivalent to superheater) are often arranged in the water wall;
While the supercritical dc boiler, because there is no evaporation heating surface, the water wall is only used to heat water and superheated steam.


NameMembrane water panel
MaterialCarbon steel,Alloy,Stainless steel
Tube sizeΦ38 - 76 mm, or as required
StandardISO , ASME
ApplicationIstallable around the boiler combustion chamber

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China EN Standard Stainless Steel Industrial Water Wall In Boiler With Strict Testing System supplier

EN Standard Stainless Steel Industrial Water Wall In Boiler With Strict Testing System

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