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Glass Four Point Bending Test Machine , Glass Testing Equipment Electronic Power

Glass Four Point Bending Test Machine , Glass Testing Equipment Electronic Power

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Glass Four-point Bending Tester


This tester is applicable to analysis and research of static physical performance test on phone glass,tablet computer glass,liquid crystal glass,touch sensor glass,toughened glass with three-point,four-point bending and elongation test;can do experiments according to International standard like GB,DIN,ISO,JIS and ASTM as well as furnish information(like JC/T676-1997glass material bending test methods,BS EN 1288-3-2000 architectural glass and determination of glass bending strength);test data is in form of dynamic curve display;it automatically obtain maximum force,maximum deformation,bending strain,bending strength,bending modulus,,compression strength,compression force,etc.


1. Host:Table type dual-space structure ;horizontal Lifting adopts continuously variable transmission;replacement of upright post, lead screw and outer cover can change test space;transmission system consists of exclusive reducer controlled by server,arc timing belt and ball screw,which has stable operation,high efficiency,low noise and no pollution.

2. Accessory:a set of single point,three-point and four-point compression attachment;exclusive accessory for lens,which is manual operation with easy and reliable holding,no slipping and movement during test.

Function Description

1. Built-in controller achieve closed-loop control of crossbeam displacement.

2. Imported AC server motor with stable and reliable properties is equipped with over current,over pressure,over speed and over load protection devices.speed regulation ratio can be 1:100000

3. Electrical control line is in conformity with international and national standards and has strong Anti-interference ability.

4. automatic shift:shift to appropriate measurement range according to load,which achieve physical zero adjustment,gain setting and automatic shift

of testing force measurement.

5. conditional saving.make control data and sample condition a module,which is very convenient to batch test.

6. Multi control mode:single step program control and multi step’s.

7. PID control algorithm adjust loading process with constant-speed control ≤5% and pressure maintaining control≤0.5%;provide professional user with control program editor,in which way user can flexibly customize control program based on actual situation.

8. Automatic speed change:During test,speed of moving crossbeam automatically change as preset program,which also can be changed manually.

9. Automatic calibration:automatically achieve calibration of indication accuracy.

10. Automatic Saving:automatically save test datas and curves

11. Process:test process,measurement,display and analysis are completed by microcomputer.

12. Batch test:for sample with same parameters,do it in order after setting once.

13. Test software:Chinese WINDOWS interface with menu prompt and mouse operation.

14. Display mode:data and curve are dynamically displayed during test.

15. Curve ergodic:re-analyze the curve and use mouse to find corresponding test data at any point

16. Curve option:choose stress-strain,force-displacement,force-time, displacement-time curve to display and print.

17. Test report:compile a report and print it as customer’s required format;it has a network interface for transmission and saving of data,record printing and network transfer printing as well as linking to Intranet and Internet

18. Limit Protection:programmable limit protection and mechanical limit protection.

19. Automatic shutdown:when sample breaks,moving crossbeam will automatically stop.

20. Overload protection:If the load exceed 3-5% of each gear’s maximum,it will automatically stop.

China Glass Four Point Bending Test Machine , Glass Testing Equipment Electronic Power supplier

Glass Four Point Bending Test Machine , Glass Testing Equipment Electronic Power

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