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Remove Dark Circles Under Eye Sodium Hyaluronate Complex Solution

Remove Dark Circles Under Eye Sodium Hyaluronate Complex Solution

Brand Name:Hyamely
Model Number:1ml/syringe
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Remove Dark Circles Under Eye Sodium Hyaluronate Complex Solution

Hyamely Sodium Hyaluronate Composite Solution contains a variety of core components (proline, glycine, alanine, L-carnosine, vitamin B, etc.) that enhance cellular antioxidants to solve fine lines, bags, and tear troughs around the eyes, and can effectively relieve and improve eye aging , Continue to nourish the skin and improve the aging problem around the eyes.

What is Hyamely Sodium Hyaluronate Composite Solution used for?

①: Revitalize collagen, smooth tear troughs and reduce dark circles

Amino acids increase the collagen content of the skin, revitalize collagen energy, smooth tear troughs, lighten dark circles, and keep the eyes younger.

②: Lifts the eye muscles, tightens the skin and removes wrinkles

The nutrients form new autologous collagen under the skin, so as to enhance and firm the skin around the eyes, reduce fine lines, and keep the skin firm and elastic at all times.

③: Nourishes and restores elasticity, and collagen regenerates to fill depressions

Promote collagen to form collagen fibers, restore skin elasticity, and at the same time enhance the toughness of fibrous connective tissue and promote the filling of depressions.

④: Moisturize and brighten, eliminate discoloration and brighten skin tone

0 cross-linked active filling ingredients can replenish skin moisture, promote collagen secretion, brighten skin tone, improve dullness, and keep skin delicate and moist.

Effect & duration ?

It can effectively moisturize the skin, improve slack and dry pores, effectively relieve dark circles caused by pigmentation or poor blood circulation, and can also fill tear grooves and fine lines around the eyes. Good viscosity, no swelling due to water absorption. A single injection can last about 3-4 months, and two injections can last about 12 months.


* Applicable parts: skin around the eyes

* Uses: Mainly used for anti-aging around the eyes, to solve the aging problems around the eyes such as dark circles and tear troughs.

* Efficacy: smooth tear trough, lighten dark circles, increase skin elasticity around eyes, moisturizing and brightening

* Main ingredients: sodium hyaluronate, glycine, proline, alanine, carnosine, vitamin B, lido.

* Storage: Store in a cool and dry place at 2~10℃, avoid sunlight.

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Remove Dark Circles Under Eye Sodium Hyaluronate Complex Solution

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