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Shock Control Stainless Steel Wire Rope Vibration Isolator With Surface Treatment

Shock Control Stainless Steel Wire Rope Vibration Isolator With Surface Treatment

Brand Name:Kacise
Model Number:JGX-016-0
Minimum Order Quantity:1ps
Delivery Time:5-8 work day
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Product Details

JGX-016-0 UAV Camera Drone Embedded Electronics Cabinet Vibration Shock Control Stainless Steel Wire Rope Isolator

1. Product Description

Wire rope vibration isolator is carbon steel or stainless steel frame and the standard of stainless steel cable according to certain elastic modulus calculation and design and manufacture of vibration and shock absorption device. Can effectively absorb vibration and impact energy, the protection device, reduce noise. The purpose of provides the high equipment life and system reliability. Our company produces the steel wire rope vibration isolator can effectively absorb vibration and impact, reduce noise. We use materials and
surface treatment, quality control methods, the properties of the product itself, guarantee the products in the high low temperature, chemical corrosion environment, strong oxidation reduction properties, much dust and high friction environment, excellent performance, stable and reliable. My company's widely used in wire rope vibration isolator, commercial transportation, navigation aviation, chemical engineering, national defense construction and other fields .

2.Materials & Finishes Products

Wire rope cable, we have adopted the international standard 304 stainless steel, plywood material, there are three ordinary steel, 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy 6061-T6 material. All surfaces are made of plywood surface treatment to ensure that meet the relevant industry standards and military standard requirements. Can choose to have surface hot galvanizing wire rope or surface coating material such as nylon, can effectively increase the performance of the product in harsh environments.


Schematic Diagram

Technical Parameters

Table 1 JGX-016-0 Series Technical Parameters
ModelH(mm)W(mm)(Kg)MountingThru Hole(mm)Thread(mm)Sink(°)

Wire Rope Diameter

016-Wire rope diameter is 1.6mm
024-Wire rope diameter is 2.4mm
032-Wire rope diameter is 3.2mm
048-Wire rope diameter is 4.8mm
064-Wire rope diameter is 6.4mm
095-Wire rope diameter is 9.5mm
127-Wire rope diameter is 12.7mm
159-Wire rope diameter is 15.9mm
222-Wire rope diameter is 22.2mm
286-Wire rope diameter is 28.6mm
318-Wire rope diameter is 31.8mm

Wire Rope Loop

0—10 Loops of Wire Rope
8 -- 8 Loops of Wire Rope
6 -- 6 Loops of Wire Rope

4.Model Number Ordering Code

Splint Model

Empty:The default of the carbon steel material
C1A:The surface of galvanized white
C2B:The surface of galvanized blue and white
C2C:The surface of galvanized color
C2D:The surface of galvanized army green
C2E:The surface of galvanized gold
A:304 stainless steel surface passivation
B:316 stainless steel surface passivation
L:Grey anodized 6061 - T6 aluminum alloy
P:6061 - T6 aluminum alloy surface hard
CXX:Customers customized procurement


● High temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, easy to install and install
● Universal damping,strong impact resistance,durable
● Good earthquake resistance
● Mounting holes can be customized

6.Application Field

ApplicationsTypical EquipmentProtection FromOperational Advantages
ShipboardElectronics, Computers,
Explosive blast,
Inherent vibration, Storms
Long life, Maintenance-free,
Temperature extremes,
Corrosion resistance,
All axes protection
Rough Terrain VehiclesInstrumentation, Generators,
Rough terrain,
Poor road conditions,
Long life, Maintenance-free,
Temperature extremes, Ozone,
Radioactivity, UV Radiation
AircraftElectronics, ComputersHigh-G maneuvering,
Hard landings, Turbulent air
Temperature and altitude extremes, Lightweight
Shipping ContainersOptics, Instruments, Missiles, Electronics

Transit, Handling drop,


Long life, Maintenance-free,

Exposure to moisture, Repeated use

Industrial Equipment

Centrifuge, Dryers, Pumps

Unbalanced dynamic loads,

Fluid hammer, Inherent vibration, Foundation weakness

Long life, Maintenance-free,

Corrosive environments

Ordnance Equipment

Missile launchers, Tank

artillery, Computer controls, Electronics

Rough terrain, Railroad humping, TransitMaintenance-free, Temperature extremes, Nearby blast
Medical Equipment

Mechanical equipment

necessary for patient care

Vibration from moving parts, Mobile carts-Transport shockMaintenance-free, No out gassing, Can be sterilized

Chimneys, Scrubbers,

Measuring devices

Wind causing resonant

frequencies, Stack gas causing turbulence near scrubber, etc.

Maintenance-free, Temperature extremes, Corrosive environments
China Shock Control Stainless Steel Wire Rope Vibration Isolator With Surface Treatment supplier

Shock Control Stainless Steel Wire Rope Vibration Isolator With Surface Treatment

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