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TCP/IP Lora Bluetooth Front Door Lock Apartment Front Door Wifi Keyless Deadbolt

TCP/IP Lora Bluetooth Front Door Lock Apartment Front Door Wifi Keyless Deadbolt

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Product Details

Household Intelligent Door Lock Fingerprint Induction Type With Sliding Cover

Two way to unlock on cell phone : bluetooth, wechat mini program

Five kind of authorized password to unlock : permanent code, time code, self defined code . one time code,customized code .

When visitors come and want enter, the host just can remote control authorized unlock for him on cell phone .

Intelligent door lock
Open at one touch
Semiconductor fingerprint
Virtual password
Credit card unlock
App password
Emergency key

Multifunctional Configuration
Sliding cover design
U.S. imported chips
Double open mode
Sliding cover design
Sliding cover can protect fingerprint head and password keyboard, avoid
Wind, rain, sunshine, or man-made scratches
Aging. With sliding caps, fingerprint heads and password keyboards
Longer life and longer use.
TI Texas Instrument Central Processing Chip
Using TI Texas Instrument Central Processing Chip, the remote computing speed is increased by 20%, low energy consumption, fast operation, large data storage capacity, stronger performance, and more durable.
High Speed Operation/Ultra Low Energy Consumption/Durability/AES128
Upgrading RF Semiconductor Fingerprint Head
Using radio frequency semiconductor sensor to collect and identify dermal fingerprints in vivo
Prevent false fingerprints, smaller size, wear resistance and scratch resistance
Deep customization fingerprint recognition module
Old people and children can use it.
We use deep customized fingerprint recognition module.
Recognition age range from 14 to 55 years old with traditional fingerprint lock
Expansion to 6-70 years old
Quick unlock
360 degrees
Recognition of biological dermis
The 10 million time
Wear resistance and scratch resistance
Intelligent key generation
Visiting relatives and friends can use the Wechat applet.
Search the key generator of intelligent lock and generate the effective time of key for 30 minutes
entry-into-force time
Failure time
Lock management password
Generate password
Dynamic Password Sending
Anti-theft window virtual password
It's okay to worry about random and unsafe passwords on mobile phones. Unique virtual password technology doesn't matter if you're in it.
Add a few digits before and after the correct password input, so long as the correct password is continuously in the middle, it can be unlocked.
Casual input/correct password/casual input
Smart card
Bank-level security
For the elderly and children, you can choose to open multiple security cards.
Key unlock
If the electronic key fails
Mechanical key can be used to unlock
Standby keys are recommended for outdoor use
Emergency use
Details. Creating Quality
Strengthening anti-prying pillar
It's difficult for thieves to unlock the door
Whole Voice Broadcasting
Design of Display Navigation
Intelligent human voice broadcasting
False secret whistle function
Guarding Family Safety
If the password and fingerprint are mistyped five times in a row, an alarm will be sounded.
And lock for two minutes, the internal system does not affect.
Open Door Record Query
200 records are available at any time
Individual number for each user
Easy access to open door records by numbering
5A Drilling Touch Screen
Dust-proof, waterproof and sensitive touch
Fully guide and configure fingerprints, password * cards, easy to handle
Free Handle for Military Industry
Up-lift anti-lock and down-press unlock.
The hitter is in a free state after locking
Protect internal parts of lock body from external force damage
Back Rotary Backlock
Prevent external opening
Open anti-lock function, indoor and outdoor double protection
Low cost and longer endurance
Electricity alarm will continue without worries
Low power alarm charging treasure to maintain endurance
Battery life is about one year
Eliminate potential safety hazards
Equipped with super C lock core

Internal milling serpentine groove
Audi Automotive Equivalent Technology >
16 million Rick Keys
Super C lock core takes 300 minutes to pry the lock
Class b lock core only takes 5 minutes to pry the lock
The class a lock core only needs 1 minute to pry the lock.

China TCP/IP Lora Bluetooth Front Door Lock Apartment Front Door Wifi Keyless Deadbolt supplier

TCP/IP Lora Bluetooth Front Door Lock Apartment Front Door Wifi Keyless Deadbolt

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