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Electrical Casing Flame Retardant Tester 220V 50Hz

Electrical Casing Flame Retardant Tester 220V 50Hz

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Electrician Casing Flame Retardant Tester

First, electrical casing flame retardant tester {PVC flame retardant electrical casing combustion self-extinguishing time (vertical combustion) tester} scope of use
The flame retardant PVC electrical casing self-extinguishing burning time tester used for building cold bending electrical insulation flame retardant PVC casing and accessories flame retardant performance measurement, and accord with JG3050-1998 fabric construction in electrical insulation casing and accessories ≫ standard 6.10.1 specified in the electrical insulation casing "self-extinguishing test", and the standard requirements for electrical casing combustion performance tester itself.

Second, Main technical parameters of PVC flame retardant electric casing combustion self-extinguishing time measuring instrument
1. Size of the studio: W300xH1200xD450mm, outer box size: W320xH1400xD600mm;
1. Gas: LPG instead (user-provided);
2. Timing of flame combustion time and flame extinction time: 0-999.9s±0.1s (timing accuracy: 0.1s), which can be continuously set, automatically record and manually pause;
3. Bunsen lamp tilt Angle: 45°, adjustable within 0-90°;
4. Standard power of burner: 1KW; Inner diameter of nozzle (Bunsen burner) 9mm;
5. Flame height: 100mm, blue cone cone height: 50mm;
6. Box material: steel plate electrostatic spraying (support all stainless steel box customized);
7. Ambient temperature (standard requirement) :(23±2) ℃;
8. Power supply voltage: 220V/50Hz.

Testing requirements for PVC flame retardant electric casing flame extinguishing time measuring instrument
Take three 600mm long casings as samples, and fix the samples vertically on the combustion device. Tilt the adjusted Bunsen lamp to 45° horizontally. When applying flame to the casing, the top of the blue conical flame core produced by the Bunsen lamp should contact with the casing surface, and the contact point should be 100mm from the bottom of the casing. For fittings test, parts should be tested where they are exposed to fire. Remove ignition source after completion of operation. In the test, if the sample is ignited, there should be no obvious flame propagation. That is, the self-quenching time te≤30s.

Design standard for PVC flame retardant electric casing combustion self-extinguishing time measuring instrument
Insulated electrical sleeve and accessories for building construction
Gb2408-1996 methods for testing combustion properties of plastics horizontal and vertical methods

As required in standard 5.2 jg3050-1998 insulating electrical sleeves and accessories for building use, flame retardant performance test of electrical sleeves requires aerobic index value in addition to self-extinguishing time. It specifies that the self-quenching time of hard casing te≤30s and the oxygen index OI≥32; Semi-rigid bellows self-quenching time te≤30s and oxygen index OI≥27; Auto quenching time of accessories te≤30s and oxygen index OI≥32.

China Electrical Casing Flame Retardant Tester 220V 50Hz supplier

Electrical Casing Flame Retardant Tester 220V 50Hz

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