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E27 Intelligent Microwave LED Microwave Bulb Replacement Warehouse Lighting

E27 Intelligent Microwave LED Microwave Bulb Replacement Warehouse Lighting

Brand Name:YFH
Model Number:YFH-LD002
Minimum Order Quantity:1000
Delivery Time:10/days
Place of Origin:China
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Location: Shenzhen Guangdong China
Address: Sha Jing Zhen, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China and area B, sixth floor, Huaxia High-tech Park
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Microwave induction led lamp warehouse lighting lamp

LED Microwave Bulb

1, the working principle of the product

Acoustic optical principle:
With sound and light control switch, when the environment to achieve below a certain value, the brightness of the environment noise exceeds a certain value at the same time, this switch is open.

2, the product function

As a third-generation semiconductor lighting source, LED has many advantages:
High luminous efficiency: almost all concentrated in the visible light frequency spectrum, efficiency can reach 80% 90%.
High quality light: as there is no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, healthier than traditional incandescent bulbs.
Small energy consumption: monomer is in commonly 0.05 1 w, under the same brightness incandescent light bulbs, power consumption is only 1/8-1/10
Life is long, luminous flux decay to 70% of the design standard life is 30000 hours.
Reliable and durable: no tungsten wire, glass shell lamp is easy to damage to the device is made of PC material/acrylic die-casting forming, seismic resistance to fall off.
Response time is short: LED ball steep light will not change by environmental temperature variation, in its normal operating temperature - 35 ℃ to 80 ℃.
The park hua sheng electronic light-controlled LED ball steep light:
Added rusheng light-controlled circuit to the ordinary LED ball steep light, make it become more convenient and quick, smart.Intelligent switch and blends into a new generation of lighting tools, perfect combination of science and technology, bring convenient life.

3, technical parameters

The park China LED sound electric bulb light

3 w bulb lights (is white)
5 w bulb lights (is white)
7 w bulb lights (is white)

4, About us:

Shenzhen Yuan Fang Hua Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, mainly the production of the human body induction switch, infrared reflection switch, voice switch, optical switch, microwave induction switch, capacitive touch switch, control switch, mobile phone socket and all kinds of human body induction induction module and other products, the company in product development, production, sales and service integration of high-tech manufacturing enterprises will continue to increase R & D and production capacity of its own, pioneering and innovative, to provide customers with high quality products.

Shenzhen China Science and technology park to the customer as the center, market oriented, good faith cooperation, the principle of equality and mutual benefit, and the flexibility to meet the needs of different customers, China Science and technology park now has developed their own technical team, SMT, plug-in, assembly line production, product quality tracking, detection, improve a the advantage of synchronous development in keeping with the world of science and technology, China Science and technology park is trying to build a world-class intelligent switch industry.

China E27 Intelligent Microwave LED Microwave Bulb Replacement Warehouse Lighting supplier

E27 Intelligent Microwave LED Microwave Bulb Replacement Warehouse Lighting

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