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MB33 COFDM Transmitter for Clear Multi-Channel Voice Video and Data Transmission

MB33 COFDM Transmitter for Clear Multi-Channel Voice Video and Data Transmission

Brand Name:SUNTOR
Certification:FCC, CE, RoHS
Model Number:MB33
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
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Multi-Functional COFDM Transmitter for Clear Voice and Video Transmission

MB33 Backpack Mesh Radio Specifications-v1.0_compr...


Suntor backpack waterproof soldier broadband self-organizing network equipment, using removable batteries, quick unplug navigation plug interface design, support for two-way wireless IP data transmission, support for PTT voice intercom, wifi coverage, full waterproof design, simple and convenient operation, environmental adaptability, professional engineering design, beautiful appearance and atmosphere. The device supports rapid access to the network, mobile network transmission, according to the changes in the way of formation, the system can freely switch the network architecture, automatically find the best transmission path, the actual application can be transformed into a wireless mesh network, chain network, star network, but also according to the needs of different types of broadband wireless network equipment to form a hybrid network of communication networking methods. It can provide clear multi-channel voice, video, data transmission and other multimedia broadband communication services for soldiers, squads and command system to realize efficient collaboration, tactical command and control.


  • Centerless, distributed network architecture design, each node in the network architecture, i.e., it is both the gateway (Gateway), routing (Router), client (Client) and relay;

  • Supports any network topology: wireless mesh network, chain network, star network and hybrid wireless networking;

  • Supports non-line-of-sight transmission, multi-hop relay relay forwarding;

  • Wide coverage, ground without blocking environment, transmission distance: ≥10km, air to ground ≥60km, blocking environment, 500~2000m (depending on the blocking environment);

  • High transmission bandwidth: peak rate not less than 52Mbps, not less than 95Mbps in MIMO mode (optional);

  • Low transmission delay, single hop unidirectional ≤ 7ms;

  • Supports bi-directional IP network data transmission;

  • Support PTT two-way voice intercom function;

  • Support wifi signal coverage;

  • Wide frequency range, 300~3000MHz (within the range can be customized according to the needs of guests);

  • Support 1.25/2.5/5/10/20MHz bandwidth (MIMO version 40MHz bandwidth can be selected);

  • Networking nodes: 16 nodes, 32 nodes, 128 nodes, 256 nodes (choose different configurations as needed);

  • Battery design adopts split quick snap-on design, which is convenient for quick battery replacement on site;

  • The device supports fast mobile transmission with a maximum speed of up to Mach 2.5;


The products can be widely used in the military, public security, armed police, fire protection, civil air defense, electric power, petroleum, mining, transportation, water conservancy, forestry, radio and television, medical, maritime and air communication and other departments and fields, to provide users with reliable, timely, safe, efficient voice, data, video and visual command and dispatch and other rich comprehensive business. To meet the user's wireless broadband communication needs in peacetime or emergency situations to the greatest extent, and truly achieve "anytime and anywhere on demand".


System Parameter
Operating frequency1428~1448MHz
Bandwidth5/10/20MHz,Flexible and configurable
Transmission systemCOFDM
Modulation modeBPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM(self-adaption)
Transmission capacityPeak rate 90Mbps@20MHz
RF Transmitted power2W
Receive Sensitivity-97dBm@1MHz
Video inputSupport IP network video input , WIFI video access (HDMI video input need to be customized)
Networking functionNetworking capable≥52 nodes
Networking hops>10 hops
Access time5s after start up of the system
Network topologyCenterless network, star network, chain network, mesh network, etc
Encryption modeAES128/AES256
Power supply moldAllocate DC 25.2V removable lithium battery
Power Consumption≤30W
Equipment interface
Antenna interfaceN-K×2
GPS interfaceSMA-K
WIFI interfaceSMA-K
Ethernet interfaceAviation interface,Support 100M network interface
Audio interfaceAviation interface,Support hand microphone or earphone
Physical indicators
Dimension≤275mm × 198mm ×52mm(include battery)
Equipment Weight≤3kg(include battery)
Protection degreeIP66
Working temperature-30℃~+65℃
China MB33 COFDM Transmitter for Clear Multi-Channel Voice Video and Data Transmission supplier

MB33 COFDM Transmitter for Clear Multi-Channel Voice Video and Data Transmission

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