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GB/T8 Human Body Auto Detection Door Thermometer 30ºC~42ºC 220V 50Hz

GB/T8 Human Body Auto Detection Door Thermometer 30ºC~42ºC 220V 50Hz

Brand Name:YUYANG
Model Number:YYY8
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Walk Through Human Body Auto Detection Door Thermometer


1.Non-sensing temperature measurement
Fast and no-stop passing, temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3 ºC
2. High-temperature voice alarm and snapshot, AI algorithm automatically calibrates the ambient temperature, no need to add a black body.
3. Remote network management
Built-in 8-inch microcomputer, saving photos and temperature records of people with abnormal body temperature;
4. Body temperature accuracy displayed
the minimum unit of body temperature is 0.1 ºC, the error of body temperature measurement: ± 0.3 ºC
5. The equipment adjust to the ambient temperature: 0 ºC -55 ºC
6. OEM or customized
Human body temperature screening
Built-in high-precision miniature 24-hour dynamic thermal imaging temperature monitor to conduct temperature scanning and screening for pedestrians in all directions.
8. Integrated design
Easy to install and and quick to delivery. It will be installed in 20 minutes.
9. PVC board material, fireproof, corrosion-proof, moisture-proof and anti-collision, without deformation.


Walkthrough Body Temperature Scanner- using infrared temperature sensors:

When no one is measuring, the measured temperature shows the ambient temperature.

When measuring, the person to be measured can place the forehead close to the position of the probe, about 10-15 cm away from the probe, and the forehead temperature can be detected.

If it is not convenient to measure the forehead, you can also lift the wrist clothes, and bring the exposed wrist position close to the probe, and the distance from the probe is 5-10 cm.

Automatically counts once for each detection, the system automatically counts the number of detections and the number of alarms.

Compensation parameters can be adjusted from 0-9, 0 is suitable for the relatively low-temperature environment, and 5 is suitable for a relatively warm environment. Users can adjust according to the use environment. (The smallest the number, the greater the compensation)


Working modeThe principle of thermopile, when the human body (wrist, forehead) actively measures the temperature, the screen displays the body temperature, if it exceeds 37.3 °, it will alarm and record the number of alarms.
Key specTemperature bias 0.5ºC,Accuracy 0.02°C
Measurement modeForehead, wristForehead, wrist, metal detector with 18 zones
Efficient20 persons/minute
LanguageEnglish datasheet
LanguageNot relate software
ApplicationEntrance and exit places used for security inspections, such as government, shopping malls, stations, office buildings, exhibition, halls.

China GB/T8 Human Body Auto Detection Door Thermometer 30ºC~42ºC 220V 50Hz supplier

GB/T8 Human Body Auto Detection Door Thermometer 30ºC~42ºC 220V 50Hz

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