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Stainless Steel Zoo Enclosure Aviary Wire Netting 1m Roll Width Anti Rust

Stainless Steel Zoo Enclosure Aviary Wire Netting 1m Roll Width Anti Rust

Brand Name:yuntong
Model Number:YT-1530
Minimum Order Quantity:10 sqm
Place of Origin:China
Price:USD 10-25/sqm
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Location: Hengshui Hebei China
Address: Yantuan Area , Anping County , Hengshui City , Hebei Province , China
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Product Description:

Aviary Wire Netting is the perfect solution for Bird Cages, Zoo Mesh, and metal fencing cages. Our high-quality Twill Weave netting has an elegant Silver color, and comes in a Carton Box package. With an aperture of 30mm X 30mm, this netting provides excellent protection and durability, while having a 15-25% elongation. Aviary Wire Netting is the perfect choice for any zoo, aviary, or bird cage.


When stainless steel zoo mesh comes to service, our in-house team of specialists handle the entire project from concept to completion, including both steel erection and mesh installation (including rope access). With all skills under one roof, we offer a service that’s high quality and cost-effective. Plus, because you’re dealing with one company rather than a range of suppliers, you gain a more simplified and rapid service, ensuring your mesh structure is delivered to your budget and timescales.

Technical Parameters:

Stainless Steel Animal Enclosure Mesh is an extremely strong containment netting suitable for smaller mammals, primates and large birds. Individual mesh knots are double fastened and the netting does not have to be installed under tension. The stainless steel zoo mesh is available in sizes from 25 x 25mm (1" x 1") to 125 x 125mm (5" x 5"). In wire from 1.2mm to 3.2mm (3/64" to 1/8") in stainless steel. The hand woven netting is manufactured in 7 x 7 type 304 stainless steel to your requirements.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh Specifications
Mesh ApertureWire Diameter
OW x OH (mm)1.2 mm1.5 mm2.0 mm3.0 mm4.0 mm
20 x 35YT-1220 F
25 x 45YT-1225 FYT-1525 F
35 x 61YT-1235 FYT-1535 FYT-2035 F
40 x 70YT-1240 FYT-1540 FYT-2040 FYT-3040 F
50 x 90YT-1250 FYT-1550 FYT-2050 FYT-3050 FYT-4050 F
60 x 105YT-1260 FYT-1560 FYT-2060 FYT-3060 FYT-4060 F
70 x 120YT-1270 FYT-1570 FYT-2070 FYT-3070 FYT-4070 F
80 x 140YT-1280 FYT-1580 FYT-2080 FYT-3080 FYT-4080 F
100 x 175YT-12100 FYT-15100 FYT-20100 FYT-30100 FYT-40100 F
120 x 210YT-12120 FYT-15120 FYT-20120 FYT-30120 FYT-40120 F
160 x 280YT-12160 FYT-15160 FYT-20160 FYT-30160 FYT-40160 F
180 x 315YT-12180 FYT-15180 FYT-20180 FYT-30180 FYT-40180 F
200 x 350YT-12200 FYT-15200 FYT-20200 FYT-30200 FYT-40200 F
250 x 450YT-12250 FYT-15250 FYT-20250 FYT-30250 FYT-40250 F
300 x 525YT-12300 FYT-15300 FYT-20300 FYT-30300 FYT-40300 F


Are you looking for the perfect aviary mesh to enclose animals? Look no further than Yuntong's YT-1530 wire netting! This aviary mesh is crafted with high-quality materials to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for your animals. It has an elongation of 15-25%, a tensile strength of 300-400N/mm2, and a weight of 9.5kg/roll. The aperture of the mesh is 30mm X 30mm, making it strong enough to withstand the elements and keep your animals safe. Yuntong's wire netting is the perfect product for your animal enclosure needs.


it is customized. Shape: There are irregular shape, triangle parallelogram trapezoid etc.

Packing and Shipping:

Aviary Wire Netting is packaged and shipped in a well-protected cardboard box. The box should be of sufficient size to accommodate the netting and any additional materials required for installation. All components should be properly labeled and securely fastened to the box to ensure that the contents remain intact during transit.

Before being shipped, the box should be securely sealed with tape to prevent any moisture from entering and damaging the product. The box should also be clearly labeled with the product name, the quantity, and the address of the recipient.

For international shipments, it is important to include the necessary customs forms and documents. This will ensure that the shipment is properly cleared and does not incur any additional fees or delays.

China Stainless Steel Zoo Enclosure Aviary Wire Netting 1m Roll Width Anti Rust supplier

Stainless Steel Zoo Enclosure Aviary Wire Netting 1m Roll Width Anti Rust

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