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V Type Marine Rubber Arch Fender Solid For Berthing

V Type Marine Rubber Arch Fender Solid For Berthing

Brand Name:Qingdao Florescence
Certification:BV, CCS, ISO
Model Number:Cami-Arch Fender901
Minimum Order Quantity:1 pc
Delivery Time:3-15 days
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, Western Union
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Location: Qingdao Shandong China
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V Type Marine Rubber Arch Fender For Berthing Super Arch Marine Rubber Fender Solid Fender


Arch Fenders are simple and rugged marine fender systems, providing reliable and trouble-free service for a wide variety of berths even under the most severe conditions. The SAN-fender is a traditional rubber-faced unit whilst the SANP-fender can be fitted with either UHMW-PE face pads or connected to a steel panel.

Corner Arch fenders are available in three standard sizes and provide a simple, easily installed solution to prevent berth corners from damage by smaller vessels.

Simple one-piece designRoRo berths
Strong and hard wearingGeneral cargo
Excellent shear performanceWorkboat harbours
Wide range of standard sizesBarge and tug berths

The DA-A type: A rubber surface is the choice for many marine fender systems as it is ideal for all general purpose berthing applications. As compared to DA-B type, DA-A type’s rubber surface provides higher friction and minimise the excessive movement between the surface of vessel and the wharf.

The DA-B type: Arch rubber fender can be enhanced by fixing it with UHMW-PE pads or steel plates (or both). The greatest advantage is to enhance strength under static and dynamic shear loads which allows large panels to be supported without chains.

Features of Arch rubber fender

High energy absorption & low reaction force

Strong and have good shear performance

Highly durable

Low maintenance cost

Can be installed easily

Long service life

Arch Rubber Fender Accessories:

Bolt: Q235 hot-dip galvanized, SUS304 and SUS316.

Washer: Q235 hot-dip galvanized.

Pre-built-in nut: Q235 hot-dip galvanized, SUS304 and SUS316.

Foot rod: Q235

Foot board: Q235

Ship and Dock Arch V Type Rubber Fender ----ISO Certificated Arch rubber fender Florescence's wide-ranging rubber fenders are manufactured in accordance with PIANC guidelines and come in a range of compounds to suit various applications. Our high-performance solutions combine low reaction...

V rubber fender

Florescence's extensive range of rubber fenders are produced in accordance with the PIANC guidelines and offer a variety of compounds to suit a variety of applications. Our high performance solutions combine low reaction forces with hull pressure, good angle performance and rugged construction for even the most demanding marine environments.

Size of arch rubber fender:

We can make the size from 150H to 1000H, and also can manufacture according to your requirements.

Pls let me know ship or dock details, then I will provide suitable arch fender size and quantity for you.

Other Types rubber fender:

1. D rubber fender

2. Cylindrical rubber fender

3. Arch rubber fender

4. Cone rubber fender

5. Cell rubber fender

6. Tugboat rubber fender

7. M rubber fender

8. Square rubber fender

Our company

Factory established in 1992, Qingdao Florescence Rubber Products Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive marine equipments enterprise, integrating the scientific research design, product development with technical services. We specialize in manufacturing pneumatic rubber fenders, foam fenders, various marine rubber fenders, ship launching&salvage rubber airbags, road roller barrier and marine ropes. FLORESCENCE products are designed, manufactured, and tested per ISO 9001:2008 requirements. And every unit robustly built to the stringent requirements of ship surveyors such as CCS, BV, LR, GL, etc.

With over 30 years' developments, Qingdao Florescence Rubber Products Co.,Ltd is a leading factory with top quality. We value our clients and quality the most. Therefore we have many regular clients all over the world! And we have the pleasure to supply pneumatic fenders and marine fenders for Navy of Italy, Greece, France, Bangladesh, Thailand, UAE, etc.

Super arch DA type rubber fender has the features as follows: 1.High energy absorption and low reaction force; 2.Reasonable structure and long usage life; 3.Convenient and deep-set installation. “Super arch rubber fenders are produced in strict accordance with the ISO17357-2002 and GB/T 2002-2002 international quality standard, our products have exported to all over the world.

FLORESCENCE company can make lots kind of fenders, like the pneumatic fenders, foam fenders and toher fenders. We can also produce the arch type fenders, compare with the pneumatic fenders and foam fenders, the arch fenders are mainly use foe the the port and jetty. The arch fender is solid fenders, we can supply with fenders with fender body only and the fenders with accessoires.

The materials and making process:

A, the rubber fender is mainly vulcanized by a mixture of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

B. Adding carbon black, anti-aging agent and other additives to the rubber compound to enhance the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber fender and the resistance to seawater corrosion, anti-aging and ozone resistance.
C, the rubber is uniform and free of impurities (foreign impurities), bubbles, dark spots, cracks and other defects that hinder the quality of the product.
D. During the vulcanization process, the skeleton plate is firmly combined with the rubber, and no steel plate is exposed.

Features of arch rubber fenders

1. The bottom width is small, and a row of bolts is installed, which is especially suitable for use in the frame wharf and the upper revetment of the dock.

2. The reaction force is moderate, and the energy absorption is higher than that of the cylindrical rubber fender.
3. Easy to install and easy to replace. and easy for your to fix.
4. The unit reaction force is the lowest in the compression type rubber fender.


Super Arch rubber fenders, sometimes called V-type fenders, provide trouble-free service even under the harshest conditions to protect ships and docks from damage. The fender can be installed on the dock horizontally or vertically by bolts, which can absorb the impact energy and dissipate.
It is usually installed on the dock or ship to offset the collision force between the ship and the dock. Therefore, this is the ideal solution to prevent damage to the ship during berthing and berthing.

Compared to conventional arched fenders, arched rubber fenders are optimized for increased energy absorption, providing reliable, trouble-free service for a wide range of berths even under the toughest conditions. They are particularly suitable for ships with
high allowable hull pressure and where installation space is limited. Available in a variety of sizes and lengths.

China V Type Marine Rubber Arch Fender Solid For Berthing supplier

V Type Marine Rubber Arch Fender Solid For Berthing

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