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CP 8831 K9 Cisco Ip Phone 7960 Series Cisco Small Business Phones IP Phone Box

CP 8831 K9 Cisco Ip Phone 7960 Series Cisco Small Business Phones IP Phone Box

Brand Name:CISCO
Model Number:CP-8831-K9
Place of Origin:USA
part number:CP-8831-K9
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CP-8831-K9= cisco ip phone 7960 series cisco small business phones ip phone box

(cisco ip phone 7960 series cisco unified ip phone cisco small business phones ip phone box)

CP-8831-K9= overview

CP-8831-K9= is the Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 base and control panel for North America. It offers scalable solution to meet the challenges in various rooms by using extension wired or wireless microphones with daisy-chain configuration of two units. The ergonomic design of CP-8831-K9 offers acoustically pleasing, attached control panel makes display easily viewed with no need to move the unit. With supporting of CUCM and business edition systems, the phone offers more productive and more security during communication across the network.

CP-8831-K9= Specification

CP-8831-K9= Specification

Signaling protocol supportSession Initiation Protocol (SIP)
Codec supportG.711, G.729 (a and ab), G.722, and Internet Low Bitrate Codec (iLBC)
Calling feature support
  • + Dialing (E.164)
  • Adjustable ringing and volume levels
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Application launch pad
  • Auto-answer
  • Auto-detection of headset
  • Barge
  • Call forward
  • Call history lists
  • Call timer
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Corporate directory
  • Conference
  • Direct transfer
  • Fast-dial service
  • Hold
  • Immediate divert
  • Join
  • Message-waiting indicator
  • Music on hold
  • Mute
  • Network profiles (automatic)
  • On- and off-network distinctive ringing
  • Personal directory
  • Predialing before sending
  • Privacy
  • Ring tone per line appearance
  • Shared line
  • Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST)
  • Time and date display
  • Transfer
  • Voicemail
DirectoriesThe Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 identifies incoming messages and categorizes them for users on the screen. This feature allows you to quickly and effectively return calls using direct dial-back capability. The corporate directory integrates with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Version 3 (LDAPv3) standard directory.
AppsThe Apps soft key allows you to enter the Applications menu, where you are able to adjust display contrast, select background images (if available), and select from a large number of unique ringer sounds through the User Preference menu. Network configuration preferences also can be set up (usually by the system administrator). Configuration can be either automatically or manually set up for Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP), Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP), Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and backup Cisco Unified Communications Manager instances.

part number of PLC Industrial Control

6ES7521 1BL00 0AB06ES7136 6BA01 0CA06ES7288 1SR30 0AA16ES7132 4BF00 0AA06ES7215 1AG40 0XB0
6ES7522 1BL01 0AB06ES7138 4CA01 0AA06ES7288 1SR40 0AA16ES7132 4BD00 0AB06ES7954 8LC03 0AA0
6ES7531 7PF00 0AB06ES7138 4DB03 0AB06ES7288 1SR60 0AA16ES7132 4BD02 0AA06ES7511 1AK02 0AB0
6ES7532 5ND00 0AB06ES7138 4FR00 0AA06ES7134 6GF00 0AA16ES7132 6BD20 0BA06GT2821 5AC10
6ES7531 7NF00 0AB06ES7141 6BH00 0AB06ES7288 1ST30 0AA06ES7132 4HB01 0AB06XV1822 5BH10
6ES7592 1AM00 0XB06ES7142 4BF00 0AA06ES7288 1ST20 0AA16ES7132 6BH01 0BA06ES7953 8LP20 0AA0
6ES7592 1BM00 0XB06ES7147 6BG00 0AB06ES7288 1ST30 0AA17KM3133 0BA00 3AA06ES7953 8LP31 0AA0
6EP1336 3BA106ES7151 3BA23 0AB06ES7288 1ST40 0AA16ES7134 4GB11 0AB06SL3210 5FB10 2UA2
6XV1840 2AH106XV1870 3QH106ES7288 1ST60 0AA16ES7134 4MB02 0AB06ES7288 3AM06 0AA0
6GK1901 1BB10 6AA06XV1870 3QH206ES7193 4CA40 0AA06ES7134 6GF00 0AA16ES7288 3AQ04 0AA0
6GK1901 1BB10 0AA06XV1870 3QH606ES7193 4CB20 0AA06ES7134 6JD00 0CA16ES7288 2DT32 0AA0
6GK1901 1BB20 0AA06AV6648 0CC11 3AX06ES7193 4CB30 0AA06ES7135 4MB02 0AB06ES7288 3AE08 0AA0
6EP1436 3BA006AV2123 2MB03 0AX06ES7214 1AG40 0XB06ES7136 6BA00 0CA06ES7288 3AE04 0AA0
6EP1931 2FC216AV6648 0BE11 3AX06ES7214 1AF40 0XB06ES7136 6RA00 0BF06ES7288 1SR30 0AA0
6EP1333 3BA106ES7953 8LF30 0AA06ES7215 1AG40 0XB06ES7136 6DC00 0CA06ES7288 1SR20 0AA1
6EP1964 2BA006GK1905 6AA006ES7215 1AF40 0XB06ES7136 6BA01 0CA06ES7288 1SR30 0AA1
6EP3437 8SB00 0AY06GK1905 0EC006ES7193 6BP00 0BA06ES7138 4CA01 0AA06ES7288 1SR40 0AA1
6EP1961 3BA216GK1905 0FA006ES7193 6BP00 0DA06ES7138 4DB03 0AB06ES7288 1SR60 0AA1
6ES7131 4BD01 0AB06GK5005 0BA00 1AB26ES7193 6BP20 0BA06ES7138 4FR00 0AA06ES7134 6GF00 0AA1
6ES7131 6BH01 0BA06GK5008 0BA10 1AB26ES7223 1HF22 0XA86ES7141 6BH00 0AB06ES7288 1ST30 0AA0
6ES7131 6BF00 0CA06ES7235 0KD22 0XA86ES7222 1BD30 0XB06ES7142 4BF00 0AA06ES7288 1ST20 0AA1
6ES7132 4BF00 0AA06ES7215 1AG40 0XB06GK1905 0EC006ES7147 6BG00 0AB06ES7288 1ST30 0AA1
6ES7132 4BD00 0AB06ES7954 8LC03 0AA06EP1336 3BA106ES7151 3BA23 0AB06ES7288 1ST40 0AA1
6ES7132 4BD02 0AA06ES7511 1AK02 0AB06XV1840 2AH106XV1870 3QH106ES7288 1ST60 0AA1
6ES7132 6BD20 0BA06GT2821 5AC106GK1901 1BB10 6AA06XV1870 3QH206ES7193 4CA40 0AA0
6ES7132 4HB01 0AB06XV1822 5BH106GK1901 1BB10 0AA06XV1870 3QH606ES7193 4CB20 0AA0
6ES7132 6BH01 0BA06ES7953 8LP20 0AA06GK1901 1BB20 0AA06AV6648 0CC11 3AX06ES7193 4CB30 0AA0
7KM3133 0BA00 3AA06ES7953 8LP31 0AA06EP1436 3BA006AV2123 2MB03 0AX06ES7214 1AG40 0XB0
6ES7134 4GB11 0AB06SL3210 5FB10 2UA26EP1931 2FC216AV6648 0BE11 3AX06ES7214 1AF40 0XB0
6ES7134 4MB02 0AB06ES7288 3AM06 0AA06EP1333 3BA106ES7953 8LF30 0AA06ES7215 1AG40 0XB0
6ES7134 6GF00 0AA16ES7288 3AQ04 0AA06EP1964 2BA006GK1905 6AA006ES7215 1AF40 0XB0
6ES7134 6JD00 0CA16ES7288 2DT32 0AA06EP3437 8SB00 0AY06GK1905 0EC006ES7193 6BP00 0BA0
6ES7135 4MB02 0AB06ES7288 3AE08 0AA06EP1961 3BA216GK1905 0FA006ES7193 6BP00 0DA0
6ES7136 6BA00 0CA06ES7288 3AE04 0AA06ES7131 4BD01 0AB06GK5005 0BA00 1AB26ES7193 6BP20 0BA0
6ES7136 6RA00 0BF06ES7288 1SR30 0AA06ES7131 6BH01 0BA06GK5008 0BA10 1AB26ES7223 1HF22 0XA8
6ES7136 6DC00 0CA06ES7288 1SR20 0AA16ES7131 6BF00 0CA06ES7235 0KD22 0XA86ES7222 1BD30 0XB0

China CP 8831 K9  Cisco Ip Phone 7960 Series Cisco Small Business Phones	IP Phone Box supplier

CP 8831 K9 Cisco Ip Phone 7960 Series Cisco Small Business Phones IP Phone Box

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