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Face Lifting Wrinkle Removal 110v 220v RF Beauty Equipment

Face Lifting Wrinkle Removal 110v 220v RF Beauty Equipment

Brand Name:zohonice
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Model Number:R16
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multi-functional beauty face lifting wrinkle removal RF slimming machine,


1. Eliminate fine lines and shrink pores

2. Reduce the sag of the dermis to make the face firming

3. Improve contours and improve skin texture.

4. Reduce neck line, create V face

5. Reduce eye bags, eyelids, dark circles

6. Shape body

7. Eliminate fat


Using quantum computing to automatically control the stratified frequency conversion technology, it is transmitted to the vortex transmitter in the form of high-fidelity radio wave, and controls the frequency variation of its output. Selectively produce high heat in the epidermis, dermis and fascia of the skin, induce wound healing in the dermis through hyperthermia, promote the continuous release of collage from the dermal fibro-blasts, promote the continuous synthesis of new collagen and make it more arranged.The tight, damaged collagen layer is replenished to achieve the purpose of awakening the skin’s elasticity and lasting firming of the skin. At the same time, the use of its deep focused high heat has a satisfactory effect on improving the lipid-resistant particles.


1) Intelligent skin tracing technology ,which can stop heating once away from skin, avoiding burns .

2) Automatically change frequency technology , make temperature constant and balance in the deep skin .

3) RF energy transfer into skin by quantum speed .

4) Highly focus heat into SMAS layer, make deeper temperature can really reach the setting temperature but the feeling weaker .

5) Combined with led therapy and also infrared function .

6) Suitable for both skin and fat ,one machine with multi-function.



100-110v 50/60hz

220-230v 50/60hz


490nm-650nm LED red light

740nm-850nm far infrared light with frequency conversion

Shallow layer1-2MHZ frequency conversion
Deep layer300-500KHZ Frequency conversion
package size42*51*38cm (main machine)

Our service

1. Maintenance Service

(1) Guarantee:With 1 years from the day you bought the product,if there is any fault, we will provide free maintenance service.

(2) If you have any problems while using our products, please contact with us with Telephone, Fax, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber or e-mail and we will answer within one hour and solve your problems as soon as possible.

(3) We take charge the quality of our products under normal use. If host default, we provide free maintenance. After the warranty period, we only charge cost price for spare parts. Technical guidance is free for lifelong.


(1) Technical training:
There will be user manual or video which help you learn the machine, how to install, how to operate, how to maintenance the machine,besides, there will be after-sale service team providing 24 hours’ online service.
(2) Clinical training:
Zohonice beauty training center is established for visiting customers. You could get professional clinical training guide from our Doctor or beauticians,you may also take this training via E-mail, telephone and online tools,etc.

3.ODM&OEM service:

(1) General client
For general client,we can add their company logo on the screen for totally free.
(2) Agent
For our agent, we can design the unique shell and operation screen software for them, also we will help them to develop and advertise the product in their market. Following are some products we design for our clients.


What does the Vacuum-RF-Photon cellulite treatment feel like?
The treatment is simple and comfortable, and may resemble the sensation of a deep tissue massage. The practitioner uses a treatment applicator that is moved across the treatment area in slow, concentrated motions.
How many cellulite treatment sessions will I need?
A treatment course of 4-8 sessions is recommended for optimal results; however it is important to keep in mind that response to treatment varies from person to person, as do the results. Your practitioner will be able to establish a proper treatment guideline that suits your profile.
How many skin tightening treatment sessions will I need?
A treatment course of 3-6 sessions is recommended for optimal results, however response to treatment varies from person to person. Your practitioner will be able to establish a proper treatment guideline that suits your profile.
What does the treatment involve?
During the initial consultation, your practitioner will perform a test spot procedure to ensure suitability for treatment and determine the optimum treatment settings. Depending on the intended application, gel or oil will be applied to the treated area and the relevant applicator will be used to determine comfort and skin response. After the evaluation is complete and assuming suitability for treatment, the practitioner will schedule the treatment course.
How effective are the treatments?
The cellulite and body contouring treatments have generated exceptional results, as early as the fist treatment. Patients have recorded a firmer and smoother appearance post treatment, with visible results. The skin tightening procedure has also been very successful in improving the appearance of deep folds, wrinkles and sagging.

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China Face Lifting Wrinkle Removal 110v 220v RF Beauty Equipment supplier

Face Lifting Wrinkle Removal 110v 220v RF Beauty Equipment

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