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2 software into 1 laptop/Hard Disk PTT 2.5.87 & 1.12

2 software into 1 laptop/Hard Disk PTT 2.5.87 & 1.12

Brand Name:jiutech
Model Number:2 software into 1 laptop/Hard Disk PTT 2.5.87 & 1.12
Minimum Order Quantity:1
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Place of Origin:china
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2 software into 1 laptop/Hard Disk PTT 2.5.87 & 1.12

Truck Diagnostic Software Diagnosis for truck excavator diagnosis software 2.5.87 version & 1.12 version ptt in development model

PTT for diagosis & trouble shooting
Package: 1 hard disk Software activatedd by teamviewer)

Great NEWS: as technical development, our engineer would install 2.5.87 version ptt with dev2tool.exe in development model + 1.12 version ptt with dev2tool.exe in development model in 1 laptop and it tested works great .

It means: when you get this software from us, you could use the 2 software version into the same laptop

Real test with real vehicles.

PTT2.5.87: this is good for new trucks
PTT1.12: this is good for construction vehicles.

2.5.87 version --latest version
supports FH series & FM series vehicles.
SUPPORTS Trucks / busses/ construction Equipment like Wheel Loader/ Aryiculated Hauler / Excavator/ Grader / Skid steer Loader / Compact Excavator /Paver / Others,

the 2.5.87 ptt diagnostic system could support & & nissan & heavy duty trucks, buese and construction machines etc till May.2017 year.
while the 1.12 ptt diagnostic system could support old & & nissan & heavy duty trucks, buese and construction machines before 2000 year .

1) Make programmable more than 11000 parameters.
2) Program speed limit, change chassis ID, disable immobilizer;
3) Change minimum/maximum values of parameters, for example: increase speed limit;
4) support online technical service
5) supports Truck Corporation, Bus Corporation, Construction Equipment
6) multiple languages:English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Japanese)
6) life time technical service by our engineer

Premium Tech Tool (PTT) is an application for the Aftermarket, developed to support efficient service and diagnostics. Premium Tech Tool is available as a connected version or as an unconnected version. The unconnected version is called Premium Tech Tool Connectionless (PTTC) and that is that we offer. PTTC is used in workshops that do not have internet access, but both versions are referred to as PTT. PTT provides access to the Guided Diagnostics and VCADS.

Test Function:

1-Service and maintenance

2-Engine, Engine mounting and equipment

3-Electrical system and instruments

33311-3-Preheat, Test

33445-3-Ignition Switch, Test

36303-3-Intermittent Wiper, Test

36415-2-Switch Lamp, Test

36421-3-Position Switch Back-up(Reversing) Lamp, Test

36423-3-Lever Switch High Beam/Low Beam, Test

36424-3-Stalk Switch Direction Indicator, Test

36491-3-Steering Wheel Buttons, Test

36603-3-Anti-theft Alarm Status, Test

36607-3-Logged anti theft alarm activation, read out

36614-3-Load Indicator, Test

36622-3-MID 163-TransponderReading, Test

36624-3-MID 163-Key Counting, Test

37173-3-Data Links, Fault Tracing with Oscilloscope

38117-3-Instrument Cluster, Test

38118-3-Gauge Checks, Instrument Cluster

38356-3-Calibration Number, Test

38440-3-Brake Contacts, Test

39203-3-Audio Unit Function Test

39746-3- Link, GPS, Test

39747-3- Link Satellite Communications Test


40001-3-Starting gear selection, read out

40005-3-Range Inhibitor, Test

40010-3-Clutch Cylinder, Test

40012-3-Gear Selector Position Sensor, Test

40015-3-Range Cylinder, Test

40016-3-Split Cylinder, Test

40020-3-Gears, Test

40023-3-Transmission Speed Sensor, Test

40024-3-Oil Sensor Signals, Test

40025-3-Solenoid Valves, Test

40026-3-PWM valves clutches and brakes, test

40027-3-PWM Valves Main Pressure and Brake Pressure, Test

40028-3-Lockup and Retarder, Test

40083-3-PWM Valves Clutch, Test

40087-3-Pressure Sensor, Test

40091-3-Gear Activation, Control Housing (for Removal/Replacement)

40098-3-Gears, Check Oil Pressure, Test

40112-3-Gear Selector, Test

40145-3- Solenoid Valves Measuring, Test

40170-3-Inhibit Cylinder, First Gear, Test

41126-3-Clutch Wear Check, Test

41180-3-Clutch Drag, Test

41181-4-PWM Valves Clutch Activation, Test (Transmission Removed)

41182-3-PWM Valves Clutch Activation, Test

43116-4-Gears, Test (Transmission Removed)

43121-3-Gear Selector Cylinder 1/Reverse, Test

43122-3- Gear Selector Cylinder 2/3, Test

43126-3-Counter Shaft Brake Solenoid Valve Test

43128-4-Solenoid Valve, Brake Counter Shaft, Test (Transmission Removed)

43194-3-Input Signals for Gear Selection, Test

43773-3-Vehicle Inclination Sensor, Test

48141-3-Power Take-off Pressure, Clutch, Check


50006-3-Brake Pads, Test

50011-3-Modulators, Test

50012-3-Foot Brake Valve, Test

50013-3-TCS Function Shut off, Test

50016-3-Wheel Speed Sensor Signal Voltage, Test

50017-3-Foot Brake Valve Signal Voltage, Test

50020-3-Wheel Speed Sensor, Test

50021-3-Brake Adaptation

56023-3-Pneumatic System, Status

56186-3-Air Dryer Solenoid Valves, Test

56362-3-Parking Brake Switch, Test

59110-3-Control Auxiliary Brake, Test

59221-3-Pressure Setting Retarder, Test

59222-3-Function Retarder, Test

59242-3-PWM Valve Retarder, Test

59297-3-Temperature Sensor, Test

59302-3-Wheel Speed Sensor ABS, Test

59303-3-Tooth Wheel ABS, Test

59305-3-Solenoid Control Valves, ABS, Test

59306-3-The ABS Control Unit, Test

59318-3-Foot Brake Valve Backup, Test

59364-3-EBS Control Unit Input / Output Signals Status, Test

59371-3-ESP Function Switching On and Off, Test

59376-3-Activate ABS Valve, Test

6-Axles, suspension and steering

64538-3-Control Valve, Test

64720-3-ECU, Electronically Controlled Hydraulic Axle Input Output Status, Test

7-Frame, springs, shocks and wheels

72873-3-External Signals to ECS, Test

72874-3-Control Box, Test

72875-3-Pressure Sensor, Test

72876-3-Level Sensor, Test

72877-3-Solenoid Valves, Test

72880-3-Lift Axle Switch, Test

72885-3-Air Suspension System Module In-Output Signals Status, Test

72887-3-ECS System status, test

72905-3-Additional Functions ECS, Parameter Test

72928-3-Verify Level Sensor Calibration, Test

77601-3-Tire Pressure Monitoring Truck, Test

77615-3-Tire Pressure Monitoring Trailer, Test

8-Body, cab and interior

87518-3-Parking heater timer, readout and resetting


93003-3-Bodybuilder Module Input / Output Signals, Test


1-Service and maintenance

2-Engine, Engine mounting and equipment

3-Electrical system and instruments



6-Axles, suspension and steering

7-Frame, springs, shocks and wheels

8-Body, cab and interior


China 2 software into 1 laptop/Hard Disk PTT 2.5.87 & 1.12 supplier

2 software into 1 laptop/Hard Disk PTT 2.5.87 & 1.12

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