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Weight Loss Cryo 360 Machine

Weight Loss Cryo 360 Machine

Brand Name:KES
Certification:CE,ISO,FDA,ISO13485/CE/ROHS,CE FDA ISO
Model Number:MED-340
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Delivery Time:7 working days after payment
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Product Details

Hot cryo360 cryolipolysis weight loss machine working principle

The principle of freezing weight loss is mostly to put the frozen fat dissolving instrument on the corresponding skin, which can make local fat cells die at low temperature. Freezing weight loss is also a fast way. This instrument may transform the temperature under the body into a low temperature state, and it can also gradually reduce the cells in the corresponding parts, and promote their own metabolism. With the metabolism, some excess fat will be discharged out of the body. Professional doctors must be allowed to operate when doing frozen weight loss. In order to reduce the late rebound, diet should also be controlled, and overeating is no longer allowed.

How it works?

The freezing weight loss machine is usually to make local fat cells die and eliminate them from the body through metabolism. Frozen weight loss is mainly to put the frozen fat dissolving instrument on the part of weight loss, which can produce low temperature and ultra-low temperature, and can also cause the death of fat cells, which can be discharged out of the body through the metabolism of the body, so as to reduce local fat cells, and also achieve a better weight loss effect. However, when carrying out frozen weight loss, it is also necessary to choose a more formal beauty and plastic surgery hospital. Usually, you should drink more warm boiled water, which can usually promote the metabolism of the body and promote the rapid excretion of fat.

Features :

1. Cryotherapy: most popular way in losing weight in the market!

2. five handles for different parts of body.

3. Big and Small size handles can work together.

4. Single treatment can reduce 20-30% reduction in the fat layer

5. Minimum -10C, current temperature is visible on the interface

6. South Korea made Antifreeze Membones,rich in Anti Cellulite Body Lotion

Handpieces show:

5 Handles Cryotherapy Fat Freezing Device For Double Chine Removal

Technical Specifications:

PowerUp to 660W
Focused TechnologyCryotherapy + Vacuum + LED
Delivery TypePulse; CW
Pump Suction Rate25cub.m/h
Infrared LampUp to 20W
Light Spectrum640nm (infrared); 690nm (LED)

1× Cryotherapy +Vacuum (185x80x60mm)1× Cryotherapy +Vacuum



Stand-by Working

Continuous contact cooling (-5°C~5°C )
Continuously for 18 hours
Display10.4" True Color LCD Touch Screen
Electrical Requirements100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz
Net Weight53 kgs
Dimensions (WxDxH)


About KES

Beijing KES Biology Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of beauty machine for more than 10 years. Our machines got the ISO 13485, CE, certification etc, all machines past strict test. We have confidence to provide high quality and safe machine that exceed customer satisfaction. Professional R&D team and service team provide hardware design &software OEM&ODM items .

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China Weight Loss Cryo 360 Machine supplier

Weight Loss Cryo 360 Machine

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