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Up To 2500mm Concrete Pile Breaker Pile Head Cutter Hydraulic Breaker Pile Cropper For Crane

Up To 2500mm Concrete Pile Breaker Pile Head Cutter Hydraulic Breaker Pile Cropper For Crane

Brand Name:APIE
Model Number:KP315/KP380
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set
Delivery Time:15 days
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Place of Origin:China
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Product Details

Product Description:

Efficient Hydraulic Pile Breaker for Splitting Foundation Piles

Introducing our Hydraulic Pile Breaker, an effective and reliable solution for breaking and separating pile foundations. Specifically designed for splitting foundation piles, this breaker offers impressive performance and is suitable for various types of pile foundations.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Application: Our Hydraulic Pile Breaker is suitable for different types of pile foundations. With an impact energy of 30-50J, it can effectively break and separate pile foundations, making it an excellent choice for construction sites.

2. Optimal Specifications: The pile breaker is designed to operate with a maximum oil flow of 50L/min, a maximum cylinder stroke of 1000mm, a weight range of 1000-1200kg, and requires an excavator size of at least 12t. These specifications ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

3. Strong Impact Force: Equipped with a robust hydraulic system, the pile breaker delivers a strong impact force, allowing for efficient and precise pile breaking. It accelerates construction progress and enhances productivity on the job site.

4. Comfortable Operation Experience: Our Hydraulic Pile Breaker incorporates an advanced hydraulic system that provides a comfortable operation experience. This feature reduces the labor intensity of workers, promoting a safer and more efficient working environment.

Choose our Hydraulic Pile Breaker for its efficiency, reliability, and impressive performance in splitting foundation piles. With its versatile application, strong impact force, and comfortable operation experience, it is the ideal choice for construction professionals seeking effective pile breaking solutions.


  • Product Name: Hydraulic Pile Breaker
  • Weight: 1000~1200kg
  • Max Pile Length: 6m
  • Power Source: Hydraulic
  • Max Breaking Force: 100-1000KN
  • Pile Foundation Cutting: Yes
  • Splitting Foundation Pile: Yes

Technical Parameters:

Max Pile Diameter500mm
Power SourceHydraulic
Height of Pile to be Cut each time150-250mm
MaterialHigh Strength Steel
Excavator size≥12t
Max Pile Length6m
Noise Level≤85dB
Max Oil Flow50L/min
Impact Frequency20-30HZ
Product NameHydraulic Pile Breaker
ApplicationHydraulic Splitting Machine, Pile Foundation Cutting, Pile Foundation Breaker


The APIE KP Hydraulic Pile Breaker is an ideal machine for splitting foundation piles, making pile foundation breaking much easier. This machine features a powerful hydraulic drive system that delivers impact energy of 30-50J with a maximum cylinder stroke of 1000mm and maximum pile length of 6m. It is known for its reliability, durability, and adaptability, making it a perfect choice for cutting and breaking through piles with ease. With its advanced design and features, the APIE Hydraulic Pile Breaker is the perfect tool for breaking foundation piles quickly and safely.


API Splitting Machine is a hydraulic pile breaker which is designed to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for breaking reinforced concrete piles. It is made of high strength steel and offers an impact frequency of 20-30HZ and a maximum oil pressure of 70Mpa, allowing for efficient splitting of piles up to 6m in length. Our hydraulic pile breaker also boasts an operating temperature of -20~50℃, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Support and Services:

Hydraulic Pile Breaker Technical Support and Service

We provide technical support and service for our Hydraulic Pile Breaker products. Our experienced engineers are available to provide you with comprehensive advice and guidance on any technical issues you may have. We can also provide on-site installation and maintenance services to ensure that your Hydraulic Pile Breaker is working optimally.

We have an extensive database of technical resources, including installation manuals, troubleshooting guides, and product specifications. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to provide assistance with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

If you have any problems with your Hydraulic Pile Breaker, please contact us immediately. We will strive to provide you with a prompt and satisfactory resolution to any issues you may have.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Hydraulic Pile Breaker:

  • The pile breaker is securely packaged for transportation.
  • The product is shipped in a wooden crate.
  • The wooden crate is secured with plastic film and steel band.
  • For international shipping, the wooden crate is also wrapped with waterproof material.


Q: What is the brand name of the Hydraulic Pile Breaker?
A: The brand name is APIE.
Q: What is the model number of the Hydraulic Pile Breaker?
A: The model number is KP.
Q: Where is the Hydraulic Pile Breaker made?
A: The Hydraulic Pile Breaker is made in China.
Q: What is the purpose of the Hydraulic Pile Breaker?
A: The Hydraulic Pile Breaker is mainly used to break and cut off reinforced concrete piles.
Q: What are the benefits of using the Hydraulic Pile Breaker?
A: The Hydraulic Pile Breaker is efficient, fast and quiet, and it can greatly reduce the labour intensity and improve the work efficiency.
China Up To 2500mm Concrete Pile Breaker Pile Head Cutter Hydraulic Breaker Pile Cropper For Crane supplier

Up To 2500mm Concrete Pile Breaker Pile Head Cutter Hydraulic Breaker Pile Cropper For Crane

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