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Silent Track DX-10 EPSON SSV-WPM Automatic Wall Inkjet Printer

Silent Track DX-10 EPSON SSV-WPM Automatic Wall Inkjet Printer

Brand Name:shervin
Model Number:SSV-WPM
Minimum Order Quantity:1 sets
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Location: Shenzhen Guangdong China
Address: stone mountain industrial park.shiyan town. bao'an district .shenzhen city china
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Product Details

Automatic lifting Epson dx-10 four nozzle high speed silent track automatic wall inkjet printer 3 years warranty

beautiful patterns can be printed. It is more efficient, and the painting effect is more delicate and realistic.

Many people are excited but dare not start, worrying about the life of the machine.

The color is full and gorgeous and has a high degree of restoration. It is the best choice for home
improvement background walls and outdoor advertising painting projects.

our wall painting machine feature as follows.It's very hot sell in the world market. the features as follows.

The detailed parameter as follows.

Ink base colorDouble four colors , water-based INK
Paint directionVertical
Jet distance0.5-1CM
Motherboard8-core high-speed CPU, 4GB RAM, Hi-Speed USB I/O port
Nozzle typeEPSON, Japan Epson nozzle*2
MotorThree Intelligent motor +Reducer
Wall detectionTwo Nano detector
Power down alarmReal-time power failure alarm system
UPS powerSuper uninterruptible power supply, Power outage 3hours
Ink supply systemFour-color ink cartridge integrated, 400 ml large-capacity ink cartridge negative pressure system for special color, with sealing plug and dust cover
Motor technologyBrushless motor, vector positioning system. No need for grating bars to be affected by light

Print material

Suitable for users inside and outside putty wall, large white, imitation porcelain wall, latex paint wall, inkjet cloth, wall clothing, color glaze, color paint wall, etc.Tile, glass, acrylic, wood, pvc and metal materials ( Add layer)
Print resolution360*720dpi / 720*1080dpi / 720*1440dip / 1080*1440dpi / 1440*2880dpi
Support image formatPSD/CDR/JPG/JPGE/PNG/BMP/TIFF/AI/PDFAnd other image formats. Some formats need to be converted
Ink consumption/㎡10-20ML, depends on the quality of the pictures you want to print
Print size2m height with any width, the machine is equipped with a laser positioning system, and large pictures over height 2 meters can be seamlessly stitched and printed.
Power supplyAC110V(90-132V) / AC220V(180-264V) AC,47-63HZ
NoiseStandby less than 15dba, work 50dba

Album typeThe electronic storage library in the machine is integrated and can be connected to U disk,mobile hard disk,mobile phone and other storage devices
Operation method-10 ° C - 60 ° C (14 ° F - 140 ° F) 10% - 80% relative humidity, non-condensing state
System ConfigurationThis machine is equipped with Windows7 genuine system. 8 core CPU, 256GB solid state hard disk, USB 2.0, 3.0 interface
LanguageChinese and English (can be customized in other languages)
NoiseStandby less than 15dba, work 50dba

Machine (mm): 300*700*2600mm
Package size:500*900*2700mm

Package weight150KG

Print mode


Standard version

Speed (squared per hour)
Quick modeA15㎡ / hour
Quality modeC7㎡/hour
Colorful modeColorful mode, high color saturation, fine and even ink points, more vivid picture, morestereoscopic texture.

Because it is the quality of the machine itself, it is recommended that you visit more factories to inspect. After all, the price of a wall painting machine is not cheap. You should choose a painting machine manufacturer that can independently research and develop and a better wall painting machine brand. Later technical support and maintenance will be more secure. 2. Regarding the problem of not earning money after purchasing the machine, this kind of case requires the purchaser of the machine to understand the market by himself and then sell himself, such as finding some decoration company and seeking cooperation. Or do some craft activities to let more people know that you are doing wall painting, and customers will naturally increase. The bottom line is to make money by yourself.

China Silent Track DX-10 EPSON SSV-WPM Automatic Wall Inkjet Printer supplier

Silent Track DX-10 EPSON SSV-WPM Automatic Wall Inkjet Printer

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