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Grain Transportation 76mm Conveyor Steel Roller With 6204 Bearing

Grain Transportation 76mm Conveyor Steel Roller With 6204 Bearing

Brand Name:QINYI
Model Number:Steel Conveyor Belt Guide Roller
Minimum Order Quantity:5000 Ton/Tons per Month
Delivery Time:10~15 days
Payment Terms:L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
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Grain Transportation 76mm Conveyor Steel Roller With 6204 Bearing

Industrial Mining Steel Conveyor Belt Guide Roller

In which industries can the rollers be used?

1. The roller can be used in equipment in the electric power industry. It has good stability in complete equipment such as electrical energy testing and high resistance meters. We usually choose this material to stabilize electrical energy. It has good dual-resistance characteristics and will not be corroded or conductive during use. The stability is well determined, so it is universally loved by people.

2. The roller can be used in metallurgy or mining conveying equipment. This kind of rollers have strong impact resistance, they are not easy to deform in the machinery and equipment, so that the things we produce look particularly beautiful and stable. Everyone will be very satisfied with our products.

3. The roller can be used in belt conveying equipment. Since the roller is a particularly important consumable, it is easy to wear during use. The polymer roller skins we produce ensure that the surface of the roller has good lubricity at all times, so as to reduce the friction of conveying things and protect the belt. Not to be damaged, but also to save energy.

Before using the roller, check the appearance carefully for any serious bumps and damage. The rotating roller should rotate flexibly and without jamming. Suitable for light loads! For heavy loads or conveyor belts that need to be started frequently, they need to be driven by chains or sprocket wheels, and double sprocket wheels when needed, as well as universal couplings and bevel gears.

the use of roller conveyor skills

1. It is easy to connect and transition between roller lines. Multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special machines can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system to fulfill various technological needs.

2. The roller conveyor can transport a single piece of material with a large weight, or withstand a large impact load.

3. The structure of the roller conveyor is diverse. According to the driving mode, the roller conveyor can be divided into a power roller line and an unpowered roller line. According to the layout, it can be divided into a horizontal conveyor roller line, an inclined conveyor roller line and a turning conveyor roller line. It can also be specially designed according to customer requirements to meet various requirements of various customers.

4. Simple structure, easy to use and maintain.

5. The accumulation roller can be used to realize the accumulation and transportation of materials.

6. Roller conveyor is suitable for conveying various kinds of boxes, bags, pallets and other goods. Bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be transported on pallets or in turnover boxes.

Conveyor roller parameters

Roller Properties
Product Name Conveyor Roller
Product Name Conveyor Roller
Bearing No
6204, 6205, 6305, 6306, 6307, 630
Tube Material
Carbon Steel
Shaft Material
Cold Drawing Round Steel
Shaft Diameter
20mm, 30mm , 35mm, 40mm
Pipe Thickness
3mm,35mm, 4mm&OEM

What should be mastered when the roller needs to be customized?

(1) Determine the style and type of rollers. Due to the different performance of different rollers, the scope of application is also different. Before customizing, determine the best style and type according to the specific usage. Usually, the staff of custom manufacturers will recommend several different types of rollers, and try to choose the one with new style, good performance and stable quality.

(2) Understand the customized price of rollers. Different rollers have different prices. Before customizing, you can understand the market price situation. Under the premise of determining the quality, try to choose the one with the lowest quotation.

(3) Find a good custom manufacturer. At present, there are many manufacturers that provide roller customization services, and the production capacity and customization level of different manufacturers are different. Therefore, try to contact the top-ranking custom manufacturers in the industry as much as possible, such as purchasing rollers (Jinan Shaoxin ranked first in the Baidu search roller search is the first-ranked company), and their customized craftsmanship is getting better.

(4) Before customization, you can log in to the website to learn basic information, such as checking the type, performance and price of the roller. When customizing, communicate with designers repeatedly to determine that the design style and product quality meet the requirements for use.

China Grain Transportation 76mm Conveyor Steel Roller With 6204 Bearing supplier

Grain Transportation 76mm Conveyor Steel Roller With 6204 Bearing

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