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Original Ngk Spark Plug DILZKAR7D11S / 95997 For Honda Cr-V 2.0L, Odyssey 2.0L

Original Ngk Spark Plug DILZKAR7D11S / 95997 For Honda Cr-V 2.0L, Odyssey 2.0L

Brand Name:NGK
Model Number:DILZKAR7D11S
Minimum Order Quantity:100pcs
Delivery Time:7-35days
Payment Terms:TT/WU/MG
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Original Ngk Spark Plug DILZKAR7D11S / 95997 For Honda Cr-V 2.0L, Odyssey 2.0L

Product Description:

A spark plug is an electrical device used in an internal combustion engine to produce a spark which ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. As part of the engine's ignition system, the spark plug receives high-voltage electricity (generated by an ignition coil in modern engines and transmitted via a spark plug wire) which it uses to generate a spark in the small gap between the positive and negative electrodes. The timing of the spark is a key factor in the engine's behaviour, and the spark plug usually operates shortly before the combustion stroke commences.

Your spark plugs are what supply the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture, creating the explosion which makes your engine produce power. These small but simple plugs create an arc of electricity across two leads which are not touching, but close enough together that electricity can jump the gap between them. Your spark plugs, along with the electrical and timing equipment which powers them, are part of what’s known as your ignition system.

Generally, your spark plugs are made from extremely durable material, and are capable of withstanding millions and millions of explosions before wearing out or needing to be replaced. But it’s true that over time, the explosions and corrosion lead to smaller or weaker sparks, which leads to reduced efficiency in your engine, and could lead to other issues including misfiring, or failure to fire.


Copper Spark Plugs

Copper spark plugs have a solid copper core with a nickel alloy electrode. As nickel is softer than platinum or iridium, it has a much shorter life, making copper spark plugs best suited for older, low-voltage systems. Copper is a high conductor, which is why some high performance vehicles require them.

Platinum Spark Plugs

In an effort to create spark plugs and antifreeze that had a longer life-span - upwards of 80-100K miles - manufacturers developed plugs made of the harder, platinum material. These plugs use a platinum disc that is welded to the end of the center electrode for better conductivity and resistance to wearing down. Platinum plugs also run hotter than other types, inhibiting fouling and buildup on the plug.

Double Platinum Spark Plugs

Double platinum spark plugs are specifically developed for “wasted spark” or DIS systems, where one coil pack controls the firing of two spark plugs. As the spark travels from the center electrode to the side electrode for one spark plug, and the spark travels from the side electrode to the center electrode for the other, it is the side electrode wear that requires a double-platinum spark plug for durability and performance. This type of spark plug can last up to 80-100K miles.

Iridium Spark Plugs

Iridium plugs are harder than platinum and were created primarily to satisfy coil-on-plug systems. They usually feature the smallest diameter center, thanks to which they can increase efficiency by reducing voltage to create a spark. Furthermore, iridium is excellent for firing under extreme conditions, so if the manual specifies it, it’s best practice to opt for it.

Double Iridium Spark Plugs

Double iridium spark plugs feature two discs of rare metal for higher performance and durability, designed to allow maximum firepower under any driving condition. They also have 4 times the normal life span of copper spark plugs.

How to choose spark plug:

When it comes to spark plugs, it is important to select the right type and heat range in order to meet the specific requirements of your engine and driving conditions.

The first step is to consult the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations for the compatible spark plugs for your engine. This information can typically be found in the owner's manual or obtained from the manufacturer's website or customer support.

The original spark plugs (OEM) installed in your vehicle during production are the ones that are specifically designed and calibrated to work optimally with your engine. If you are satisfied with the performance of these OEM spark plugs, it is generally recommended to stick with the same type and brand when replacing them.

There are different types of spark plugs available, each with its own benefits and characteristics, such as copper-core, platinum, and iridium. Copper-core spark plugs are generally more affordable but have a shorter lifespan, while platinum and iridium spark plugs are more durable and provide better performance but tend to be more expensive.

In addition to the type, the heat range of the spark plug is also important. It refers to its ability to dissipate heat. Selecting a spark plug with the correct heat range is crucial to prevent overheating or fouling. The manufacturer's specifications and recommendations will help you determine the appropriate heat range.

Further, consider your typical driving conditions. If you frequently drive in extreme temperatures or difficult conditions, spark plugs with enhanced heat dissipation and durability might be necessary. For those seeking improved performance, specialized, high-performance spark plugs may also be an option as they often have advanced features for increased power and efficiency.

What more information of DILZKAR7D11S:

Model NO.DILZKAR7D11S(95997)Product NameCar Spark Plug
CertificationTS16949, ISO9001: 2000, CEMaterialCeramic
Coloras ShownApplicationAuto Engine Systems
Ignition Gap1.1Outer ElectronicPlatinum
Specification8.5*2.2*2.5Center ElectronicIridium
Thread Diameter12mmBrandNgk
OEMAcceptableAfter-sales ServiceYes
Delivery Time7-15 DaysTransport PackageCarton
Production Capacity10000PCS/DayOriginChina
Quality100%TestedHS Code8511100000

Packing and Shipping:

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1.Rich production experience and a strong Engineer Team to assist with product development design for manufacturability.
2.Independent design and development capabilities with automated equipment and high-precision molds.
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3.Dedicated customer service and technical support.We can ensure delivery within the agreed time and One Year Warranty.
4.100% new construction Full range of products.Not selling inventory products can guarantee the service life of products.
5.Customized services allowed.we can develop products with any samples or OE number.The cooperation process is as follows
China Original Ngk Spark Plug DILZKAR7D11S / 95997 For Honda Cr-V 2.0L, Odyssey 2.0L supplier

Original Ngk Spark Plug DILZKAR7D11S / 95997 For Honda Cr-V 2.0L, Odyssey 2.0L

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