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Flexible Yellow Duct Tape Strong All-Weather No Residue Ideal For Industrial Repairs

Flexible Yellow Duct Tape Strong All-Weather No Residue Ideal For Industrial Repairs

Model Number:duct tape custom
Minimum Order Quantity:100 rolls
Payment Terms:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Place of Origin:China
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Location: Hefei Anhui China
Address: Beicheng Avenue, Luyang District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, industrial investment Chuangzhi world
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Product Details Company Profile
Product Details
Material description
General physical properties
The type of glue
Hot-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive
Adhesion (stripping) to steel plate
GB/ t2792-2014 (20 minutes)
Retention GB4851-84
Base material
Polyester fibre
Elongation (retention)
GB/T4851-2014 (24 x 24 mm)
Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive
0.09 mm(90μm)
Polyester fibre
0.10 mm(100μm)
Initial adhesion (initial adhesion)
(# 14 steel ball)
GB/T4852-2002 Chute method
Amount to
0.19 mm(190μm)
Red, blue, white,
green, yellow, black,
earthy yellow, etc
Expiration date
The original packaging, since the right to hold the delivery
within 12 months, in 21 ℃ (70 ℉), and 50% relative humidity
environment preservation
It has strong adhesion and tensile strength, grease resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance
Mainly used for carton sealing, carpet stitching, heavy-duty strapping, waterproof packaging, etc.

UNMATCHED VALUE: For unmatched value, and long-lasting use, Crimson Starfish present our brilliant duct tape. Unlike the frail, weak tapes of competitors that quickly lose their adhesive nature and fall apart, rest easy knowing our duct tape will remain firmly in place and hold up under pressure. With adhesive that endures beyond belief, opt for our brilliant silver duct tape that offers effective and safe sealing.

PERFECT PACKAGING TOOL: We are incredibly proud of the superior quality and value of our silver duct tape. Our duct tape's value is unparalleled. Crimson Starfish's duct tape rolls are suitable for the toughest of tasks. Our duct tape is expertly resistant to ageing, weathering & discolouration. Our duct tape guarantees your possessions will remain safely secure.

MASTERFULLY MULTI-PURPOSE: Not only does our duct tape have unbeaten value & longevity, it is ideal for both indoor & outdoor use. The water resistant nature of the duct tape means it functions just as effectively & sturdily as it does with indoor usage. Crimson Starfish's waterproof duct tape is expediently multipurpose and will cater for all your taping requirements. Our silver duct tape is suitable for plumbers, bathroom fitters, general sealing, patching holes, repairs and much more!

STOCK UP FOR SUPERIOR SAFE SEALING: Crimson Starfish's duct tape is the leading tape for sealing, reinforcing, protecting and repairing and thus we have made it easier to stock up! Never be without our brilliant duct tape for safe, unassailable sealing that will last and last. Every order includes six rolls of premium quality silver duct tape ensuring you never run low and can continuously seal securely. Each roll measures 48mm x 45m.

China Flexible Yellow Duct Tape Strong All-Weather No Residue Ideal For Industrial Repairs supplier

Flexible Yellow Duct Tape Strong All-Weather No Residue Ideal For Industrial Repairs

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