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4800bps Vehicle Tracking Intelligent GPS Module For Bike

4800bps Vehicle Tracking Intelligent GPS Module For Bike

Brand Name:OTW
Certification:CE, ISO9001
Model Number:WT-62-AKL
Minimum Order Quantity:1
Delivery Time:5-8 working days
Payment Terms:T/T, AliPay, PayPal, Western Union
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Product Details

Gps Module Vehicle Tracking Device Intelligent Gps Tracker

Product Description:

GPS Positioning Module

The Positioning Module is a high-precision Locater Module that is designed to provide accurate location tracking for various applications. It is a Determining Module that utilizes advanced technology to determine the exact location of an object or person in real-time. With its compact size and versatile features, the Positioning Module is an ideal choice for any location-based project.


The Positioning Module offers exceptional accuracy in horizontal positioning with an average accuracy of less than 2.0 meters. It also supports SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System), which further enhances its accuracy and reliability. This makes it a highly reliable choice for precise location tracking.

Available Baud Rate

The Positioning Module supports a wide range of baud rates, ranging from 4800bps to 921600bps. The default baud rate is set at 9600bps, but users have the flexibility to adjust it according to their needs. This allows for seamless integration with various devices and systems, making it a versatile choice for different applications.

Operating Temperature

The Positioning Module is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, from -40°C to 85°C. This makes it suitable for outdoor use, even in harsh weather conditions. Its durability and reliability make it a dependable choice for outdoor location tracking projects.


The Positioning Module is compliant with the NMEA-0183 protocol, which is an industry standard for communication between marine electronic devices. It also supports custom protocols, giving users the flexibility to customize its features according to their specific requirements. This makes it a highly versatile and adaptable choice for various applications.

Start-up time

The Positioning Module has a fast start-up time, with an average of 29 seconds for a cold start and only 1 second for a hot start. This ensures minimal delay in determining the location, making it suitable for real-time tracking applications.


The Positioning Module is a reliable, accurate, and versatile Location Tracking Module that offers exceptional features for various applications. With its compact size, fast start-up time, and customizable protocols, it is the perfect choice for any project that requires precise location tracking.


● Support BDS/GPS/GLONASS multi-system joint positioning and single system independent positioning.
● With antenna detection circuit and short circuit protection
● Low power consumption, high sensitivity
● Built-in low noise amplifier LNA and filter SAW, even passive antennas can be quickly positioned

Technical Parameters:

Technical ParametersValue
Product NamePositioning Module
Receiver TypeBDS:B1I+B1C
Number of Channels56
Update Rate1Hz - 10Hz
Available Baud Rate4800bps~921600bps (default 9600bps)
SensitivityTracking: -162dbm
Capture: -160dbm
Cold Start: -148dbm
AccuracyHorizontal Position: Average, SBAS < 2.0m
Operating Temperature-40°C to 85°C
Dimensions16.0mm x 12.2mm x 2.4mm
AgreementNMEA-0183 Compliant Protocol or Custom Protocol


OTW WT-62-AKL GPS Positioning Module
Accurate Location Tracking for Any Application
About OTW WT-62-AKL

The OTW WT-62-AKL GPS Positioning Module is a high-precision device designed for accurate and reliable location tracking. this module can provide precise positioning data for a variety of applications.

Product Application

The OTW WT-62-AKL GPS Positioning Module is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Fleet management
  • Asset tracking
  • Personal tracking
  • Vehicle navigation
  • Outdoor sports and activities
  • Geographic surveying
  • And more

Wherever accurate and reliable location tracking is needed, the OTW WT-62-AKL GPS Positioning Module can provide the solution.

Product Scene

Imagine a company that manages a fleet of delivery trucks. They need to track the location of each truck in real-time to optimize routes and ensure timely deliveries. The OTW WT-62-AKL GPS Positioning Module allows them to do just that, accurately and efficiently.

Or picture a group of hikers exploring a remote area. They want to make sure they stay on the right trail and know their exact location in case of an emergency. The OTW WT-62-AKL GPS Positioning Module, It is configured on the positioning product used provides them with accurate and reliable location data, giving them peace of mind during their adventure.

Product Specifications
Brand NameOTW
Model NumberWT-62-AKL
Place of OriginChina
CertificationCE, ISO9001
Minimum Order Quantity1
PriceUSD 3.1$ per piece
Packaging DetailsCarton box
Delivery Time5-8 working days
Payment TermsT/T, AliPay, PayPal
Supply Ability10000 pcs/day
AccuracyHorizontal Position: Average, SBAS < 2.0m
Number of Channels56
Operating Temperature-40°C to 85°C
Antenna TypeActive Patch Antenna
Available Baud Rate4800bps~921600bps (default 9600bps)

OTW WT-62-AKL GPS Positioning Module - Accurate and Reliable Location Tracking for Any Application


OTW Positioning Module Customization Service
Customization Options:
  • Determining Module: Our positioning module can accurately determine the location of an object, providing real-time positioning information.
  • Location Tracking Module: With high precision and reliable performance, our positioning module can track the location of an object in real-time.
  • Real-Time Positioning: Our positioning module provides real-time positioning information, allowing users to accurately track the location of an object.
  • Customization: We offer customization services to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients.
  • High Precision: Our positioning module has high precision, providing accurate and reliable positioning information.
  • Reliable Performance: Our positioning module has a stable and reliable performance, ensuring accurate and consistent results.
  • Easy Integration: Our positioning module is designed for easy integration into various systems and devices.
  • Wide Application: Our positioning module can be used in various applications, such as navigation, tracking, and mapping.
  • Compact Design: Our positioning module has a compact and lightweight design, making it suitable for use in small and portable devices.

Packing and Shipping:

Positioning Module Packaging and Shipping

The Positioning Module is a high-quality product designed to help you achieve precise positioning in various applications. To ensure the safe delivery of this product, we have carefully packaged and shipped it in the following manner:

  • The Positioning Module is first wrapped in protective bubble wrap to prevent any damage during transportation.
  • It is then placed in a sturdy cardboard box to provide additional protection.
  • The box is sealed with strong tape to prevent any tampering.

Our shipping methods are reliable and efficient, ensuring that your product arrives in a timely manner. We offer the following shipping options:

  • Standard shipping: Your product will be delivered within 5-7 business days.
  • Expedited shipping: Your product will be delivered within 2-3 business days.
  • International shipping: We ship globally and delivery times may vary depending on the destination.

For international shipments, please note that additional customs fees and taxes may apply. Please check with your local customs office for more information.

We take great care in packaging and shipping our products, but in the unlikely event that your product arrives damaged or defective, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

Thank you for choosing our Positioning Module. We hope it exceeds your expectations and helps you achieve your desired results.


  • Q: What is the brand name of this product?
  • A: The brand name of this product is OTW.
  • Q: What is the model number of this product?
  • A: The model number of this product is WT-62-AKL.
  • Q: Where is this product manufactured?
  • A: This product is manufactured in China.
  • Q: What certifications does this product have?
  • A: This product is CE and ISO9001 certified.
  • Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this product?
  • A: The minimum order quantity for this product is 1 piece.
  • Q: What is the price of this product?
  • A: The price of this product is USD 3.1$ per piece.
  • Q: How is this product packaged?
  • A: This product is packaged in a carton box.
  • Q: How long is the delivery time for this product?
  • A: The delivery time for this product is 5-8 working days.
  • Q: What are the accepted payment terms for this product?
  • A: The accepted payment terms for this product are T/T, AliPay, and PayPal.
  • Q: What is the supply ability of this product?
  • A: The supply ability of this product is 10000 pcs/day.
China 4800bps Vehicle Tracking Intelligent GPS Module For Bike supplier

4800bps Vehicle Tracking Intelligent GPS Module For Bike

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