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Portable Fraxel Facial lifting Salon Use Beauty Equipment

Portable Fraxel Facial lifting Salon Use Beauty Equipment

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Model Number:RL-X10
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Fraxel is a new type of natural thermal matrix lattice technology. By storing thermal energy in the treatment head made of titanium metal, the treatment head comes into contact with the skin in a fully sealed form of electromicroneedle. At a speed of 0.1ms, 400°C high temperature is introduced into the skin in stages, quickly evaporating skin moisture, effectively damaging scar tissue, forming a scar-depressed fibrous structure, and completely removing skin surface defects; the heat that penetrates into the bottom of the muscle can also activate fibroblasts The action of these products prompts them to produce a large amount of collagen and elastin, thereby rebuilding the dense collagen network of the dermis and restoring the skin to a smooth, firm, plump, and elastic beauty state.

Advantages :

1,The ultra-fine peeling and safe instrument does not irritate the skin, only natural heat conduction.

2,Fast treatment (15-30 minutes): superior heat conduction, heat conduction of 0.1 milliseconds; amazing penetration depth, depth up to 500 microns.

3,Safely treating with extremely low pain, a comprehensive breakthrough, multi-effect treatment to regulate skin condition.

4,There is no need for anesthesia, simple operation and post care.

5,After treatment, the part is different from the traditional laser, no skin breaking, no burning, no bleeding.

6,Compared with the traditional laserscarremoval, it does not need irradiation, uses natural heat energy to transfer, less damage and shorterrepair period.

7,The instrument is light, portable, and highly flexible.

Titanium Therapeutic probe:

High temperature resistance: it can be used for a long time under the temperature of 600 ℃ or even higher, and can conduct heat conduction efficiently and stably.

Corrosion resistance: even if worn, it will heal by itself or regenerate.

High strength: Titanium has extremely high strength and is often used to make artillery and tanks. It can reduce weight and is very durable.

Non toxic and non-magnetic: non-toxic and compatible with human tissues and blood.

No cleaning required: non-sticky, automatic dry heat sterilization system.

China Portable Fraxel Facial lifting Salon Use Beauty Equipment supplier

Portable Fraxel Facial lifting Salon Use Beauty Equipment

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