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Highest Level Wholesale CAS 9004-32-4 Carboxymethyl Cellulose Powder Price CMC

Highest Level Wholesale CAS 9004-32-4 Carboxymethyl Cellulose Powder Price CMC

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CMC CAS 9004-32-4 CMC-Na Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose


Distilled waterSalt waterSaturated salt water
Oil-based mudFiltration loss,ml60±1090±10100±10
Apparent viscosity,mpa.s≤6≤6≤10
HV-CMCPulping rate,m³/t≥200≥150≥160
LV-CMCFiltration loss
Apparent viscosity,mpa.s≤4.0≤6.0
Apparent viscosity,mpa.s≥15≥15≥15
Filtration loss,ml≤9≤9≤8
Product NameCMC cas 9004-32-4 CMC-Na Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose
CAS NO.CMC cas 9004-32-4 CMC-Na Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose
Country of OriginChina
CertificationGMP, ISO 9001, USP
Safe DeliveryYES
ApplicationPharmaceutical raw materials; pharmaceutical intermediates; endrine and hormones; organic intermediates; chemical raw materials
Chemical structure
UsageUsed for product processing and production
Used for factory product processing
StorageNormal Temperature

Package and Storage:

  • Packed in Kraft or PE bags with inner plastic bags, with each bag containing 25kgs, or 750kgs net big bag.
  • Stored in the original packaging in a cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, flame, and direct sunlight.

PAC-HV Picture

1. Characteristics:

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) is white or yellowish powder that is odorless ,tasteless and non-toxic . It has high hygroscopicity and is soluble in water to form a thick liquid . It is a polyanionic electrolyte and not fermented . It has good heat-stability . resistance to salt and film-forming property . It is a strong emulsifier for fat and oil .

2. Applications

Detergent and mosquito-repellent incense
1. Effectively prevent washes from becoming contaminated after being washed by synthetic detergent .Add 0 . 5-2 percent only,you can get satisfactory result . Because the action of static between fomite granule with minus
charge and CMC molecule with minus charge itself .
2. Make washing liquid more viscous and the effect of washing more stable .
3. Improved toughness of mosquito-repellent incense .Which can prevent from denting and cracking . 4 . Each group of mosquito-repellent incense compatible to achieve better medicine effect .

Building and ceramics

1. At the same time ,it can be control viscosity and floating .
2. CMC can be applied as semi-finished viscosity in ceramics industry , for it can increase plasticity performance .
3. CMC can be used as flowing control matter in ceramics glost substitute ,which has the performance of retain substitute ,to prevent it from getting to tear cicatrice before cooking finish .

Paper coating
CMC is used as paper gluing agent to provide paper with high compatibility ,fine anti-ink osmosis and high was gathering capability .
CMC can help control color paste flowing for paper and during paper variegation .

1. It has good compatibility with other ingredients
2. Toothpaste body is smooth ,and separating from water or shell and becoming coarse .
3. It has good stability and suitable viscosity , so it makes toothpaste more fresh and pleasant .
4. At the same time ,toothpaste grade CMC has good white appearance ,easy to make clear toothpaste and good rheology .

Textile and Battery
1. CMC can be uses as printing material for dye-trimming industry and it can improve hydrophilic force and osmosis force of dye material ,making dying more even and reducing chromatism .
2. CMC is mainly used in Cr-Ni battery .

3. Packaging

CMC Product is packed in an inner polyethylene bag reinforced with a 3-ply paper bag , or paper barrel or paper box , net weight is 25kg per bag .

4. Transportation and Storage
Protect the product against moisture and damp .
Don't put it together with other chemicals .
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China Highest Level Wholesale CAS 9004-32-4 Carboxymethyl Cellulose Powder Price CMC supplier

Highest Level Wholesale CAS 9004-32-4 Carboxymethyl Cellulose Powder Price CMC

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