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High Temperature Orange Rubber Seal Silicone/FPM Nitrile Custom Rubber Parts

High Temperature Orange Rubber Seal Silicone/FPM Nitrile Custom Rubber Parts

Brand Name:Splendid
Model Number:Custom Rubber Parts
Minimum Order Quantity:500 - 50000PCS
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Location: Shenzhen Guangdong China
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Orange Rubber Seal Silicone/FPM Nitrile High Temperature Custom Rubber Parts

Custom Rubber Parts applications:

Custom Rubber Parts have a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some common applications:

Automotive Industry: Custom rubber parts are extensively used in the automotive industry for various applications. They can be found in engine mounts, gaskets, seals, O-rings, hoses, bushings, vibration dampeners, and weatherstripping. Rubber parts provide excellent sealing, vibration absorption, and resistance to oils, fuels, and other automotive fluids.

Aerospace Industry: In the aerospace industry, custom rubber parts are utilized for their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, pressure differentials, and harsh environmental conditions. They are used in seals, gaskets, O-rings, vibration isolators, and custom-molded components.

Electrical and Electronics Industry: Rubber parts find applications in electrical and electronics equipment for insulation, sealing, and vibration damping. They are used in connectors, grommets, cable assemblies, keypad buttons, gaskets, and custom-molded components to provide protection against moisture, dust, and electrical interference.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry: Custom rubber parts are crucial in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors for their biocompatibility, sterilization resistance, and chemical resistance. They are used in medical devices, surgical instruments, sealing components, syringe gaskets, stoppers, and drug delivery systems.

Industrial Machinery: Rubber parts play a vital role in industrial machinery for sealing, shock absorption, and noise reduction. They are used in pumps, valves, conveyor systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and other equipment where reliable sealing and vibration control are required.

Consumer Products: Custom rubber parts can be found in various consumer products, including appliances, toys, sporting goods, electronics, and household items. They are used for grips, seals, bumpers, grommets, dampers, and other functional or decorative components.

Oil and Gas Industry: Rubber parts are used in the oil and gas industry for sealing, vibration isolation, and corrosion protection. They are employed in pipelines, valves, pumps, drilling equipment, and offshore platforms to ensure reliable performance in demanding environments.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning): Custom rubber parts are used in HVAC systems for sealing ducts, dampening vibrations, and insulating against temperature and noise. They are employed in air conditioning units, fans, blowers, and ventilation systems.

Marine Industry: Custom rubber parts are used in the marine industry for their resistance to saltwater, UV radiation, and extreme weather conditions. They are found in seals, gaskets, fenders, boat bumpers, hatch seals, and underwater equipment.

Custom Rubber Parts Properties:

Products NameOEM customized rubber seal FFKM HNBR FSIL high temperature UV 940 chemial resistance rubber
Mateial TypeNR , SBR , BR , IIR , EPDM , CR , XNBR , NBR , HNBR , PU , CSM , ACM(PA) , ECO , VAMAC , SIL , FSIL , FPM / FKM.
Hardness Range20-90 Shore-A or IRHD
ColorAny Color is ok
SizeCustomer's Request
Processing ServiceMoulding
ApplicationFor all industries
CertificateSGS , NSF , KTW , WRAS , UL , FDA etc
Packing Detailsbulk pack in a plastic bag and carton box

Custom Rubber Parts Advantages:

Splendid Rubber Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is located in Pinshan Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Our Investment is 10 million RMB and the factory area is 10,000 square meters. With over 500 employees, our team works hard to maintain the highest standards of quality and serve the needs of our customers.

At Splendid, our business philosophy is based on the principles of honesty, service, quality, hard work, fairness and team effort. Our main business focuses on the design, development, manufacture and the related mold development of rubber products. We mainly produce rubber molded parts, O-rings, and other rubber accessories. They are used for sealing valves of oil, air, and water or as the absorbers. We also offer custom molded products, which are manufactured by the samples from our customers. We have been certified by 2002-edition ISO/TS16949 from October 2003, we also got KTW, DVGW, WRAS, and NSF certifications for compound E7001Z59 in 2008. We have an extensive selection of materials available to meet ASTM, JIS, DIN, NSF, and other specifications. All of our products are backed by our ISO/TS16949 registered systems. Splendid meets TS16949 standards. Supporting documentation, PPAP control plans and FMEA are available upon request.

We take quality very seriously; and that's our guarantee. ur compound N7001 is UL listed material --JML U2 We have cooperated with Trelleborg, Eriks, Parco, Mcmaster, Prosel etc. For many years, our turnover is over US$ 14 million.

Custom Rubber Parts Materials:

NRNatural RubberHigh tensile strength, good ductility
SBRStyrene Butadiene RubberUniform quality , less foreign matter but weak mechanical strength , can be mixed with NR , widely used in tire industry , shoe soles , tape , conveyor belt , etc
IIRButyl RubberGas is less permeable and resistant to heat, sunlight and ozone
EPDMEthylene propylene Rubber
CRPolychloroprene NeopreneExcellent heat aging, weather resistance, ozone resistance
XNBRCarboxylated NBR / Carboxyl Butadience AcylonitrileThis gelatinization is rapid sulfur addition, short scorching time, short safe storage period, compared with the general NBR, excellent wear resistance, other characteristics are similar.
NBRNitrile Rubber ( Buna )Resistant to alcohol, it is the most common rubber raw material for oil seal and O-ring at present
HNBRHydrogenated Nitrile / Highly Saturated Nitrile ( HSN )Better temperature and weather resistance than NBR, similar oil resistance to NBR, used as seals for new R-134A refrigerant system.
PUPolyurethane RubberHigh hardness, high elasticity, abrasion resistance are difficult compared to other rubbers, aging resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance is also quite good, the general PU air tightness is good
CSMHypalon , PolyethyleneGood heat resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, acid resistance, often used for oxidation resistant drugs (except nitric acid, sulfuric acid)
ACM ( PA )Polyacrylate RubberIt has good resistance to petrochemical oil, high temperature and weather. It is worse than general oil adhesive. It is widely used in automotive transmission system and power system seals.
ECOEpichlorohydrin / HydrinGood oil resistance, heat resistance and ozone resistance
VAMACVamac ( Ethylene / Acryllic ) AEMPetrochemical oil resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance are good, compared with PA has better temperature, widely used in automotive transmission system and power system seals.
SILSilicone RubberTensile strength is worse than general rubber and does not have oil resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, low temperature are excellent, suitable for high and low temperature environment, and alcohol resistance.
FSILFluorinated Silicone RubberGood resistance to oil, solvent and fuel oil, good resistance to high and low temperature, used in space parts, but mostly limited to static seals, its strength and wear resistance are not good.
FPM / FKMFluoro Carbon RubberHigh TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE IS BETTER THAN SIL, CHEMICAL resistance, MOST oil AND several solvents (EXCEPT KETones, LIPids), weather resistance, ozone resistance are good, cold resistance is poor, widely used in automobile, chemical plant parts
Please contact us for professional material selection

Custom Rubber Parts rocess:

Contact us - confirm the design - Quotation - The sample payment - Sample making - send the sample - Sample Inspection - Quantity Production - QC Inspection - Packaging - Payment - Transportation


1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are the professional manufacturer of Rubber seal, providing one-stop OEM & ODM service to all the partners all over the world.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production.
Always final Inspection before shipment.

3.What can you buy from us?
Rubber O Rings,Rubber Washer,Rubber Diaphragm,Grommet,Ball,Rubber Seal Parts,Rubber Wares.

4. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We are the Taiwanese manufacture which specializes in rubber O-rings, washers , seals, rubber molded parts, rubber bonded with metal products, the material we can produce are NBR, EPDM, FKM, HNBR, Silicone, Flurosilicone, Vamac etc.

5. What services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: FCA,FOB,CIF,EXW

Accepted Payment Currency:USD,EUR,HKD,GBP,CNY;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,Credit Card,PayPal,Cash;
Language Spoken:English,Chinese

China High Temperature Orange Rubber Seal Silicone/FPM Nitrile Custom Rubber Parts supplier

High Temperature Orange Rubber Seal Silicone/FPM Nitrile Custom Rubber Parts

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