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ODM Quick Turn PCB Boards , Turnkey PCB Assembly For Protection Relays

ODM Quick Turn PCB Boards , Turnkey PCB Assembly For Protection Relays

Brand Name:YScircuit
Certification:ISO9001,UL,REACH, RoHS
Model Number:YS-QT-0010
Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece
Delivery Time:2-8 days
Payment Terms:T/T,PayPal, Alibaba pay
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Location: Shenzhen China
Address: Shenzhen YingSheng Technology Co., Ltd 805, Tongxin Technology Building, Qiaotou Community, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
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Protection Relays PCBA ODM Assembly Print Circuit Boards With Design PCB

What is Quick Turn in PCB manufacturing?

Quick turn in PCB manufacturing is a type of PCB production that enables manufacturers to complete projects or satisfy orders quicker than usual, and without compromising quality.

Due to quick turn, the entire PCB fabrication and assembly process can be done in a very short time, usually ranging from 24 hours to 7 days, depending on the complexity of the board being produced, in terms of design specifications, surface finish, number of layers or board stack up, mounting techniques (SMT or Through hole) and lamination.

Nevertheless, quick turn significantly cuts down on the production time that regular end-to-end PCB assembly requires, making it a whole lot easier for concerned stakeholders to meet demanding deadlines and pressing schedules.

YScircuit Bare Boards Normally Delivery Time

YScircuit PCB Fabrication Fastest Expedite Delivery Time

YScircuit PCB Capabilities

Technical indexMass BatchSmall batchSample
Base MaterialFR4Normal TgShengyi S1141,KB6160(not suitable for lead free process)
Middle TgFor HDI, multi layers: SY S1000H,ITEQIT158.TU-662
High TgFor thick copper, high layer: SY S1000-2;ITEQIT180A;ISOLA:FR408R;370HR;TU-752;
Halogen FreeMiddle Tg:SYS1150G.H160HF;high Tg: SYS1165
High CTICTl≥600 SY S1600
High FrequencyRogers,Arion,Taconic,SY SCGA-500.S7136
High SpeedSYS7439,TU-862HF.TU-872SLK;ISOLA:l-Speed.1-Tera@MT40;
Flex MateriaBaseGlue-free:Dupont AK XingyangW-type,Panosonic RF-775;
CoverlaySY SF305C.Xingyang O-type
Special PPNo flow PP:VT-447LF.Taiguang 370BL Arion 49N
Ceramic filled adhesive sheetRogers4450F
PTFE adhesive sheetArion6700.Taconic FR-27/FR-28
Double-sided coating PExingyang N-1010TF-mb
Metal BaseBerguist Al-base, chaosun Al-base,copperbase
SpecialHigh heat resistance rigidity Pl: TenghuiVT-901.Arion85N.SY S260(Tg250)
High thermal conductivty material: 92ML
Pure ceramic matenal: alumna ceramic.Aluminum nitride ceramics
BT material: Taiwan Nanya NGP-200WT
High Frequency Mixed Lamination121220
100% PTFE6610
HDI4 steps4 steps4 steps
Technical lndexMass BatchSmall BatchSample
Delivery SizeMax(mm)1200*5601200*5601200*560
Finish board thicknessMax(mm)10
Width/GapInner(mil)0.5OZ base cooper: 3/3 1.0OZ base copper: 4/42.0OZ base copoer: 516
3.0OZ base cooper: 7/9 4.0OZ base copper: 8/12 5.0OZ base copper: 10/15
6.0OZ basecooper: 12/18 10OZ basecopper: 18/24 12OZ base copper: 20/28
Outer (mil)1/3OZ base copper: 3/3 0.5OZ base copper: 4/4 1.0OZ base copper: 5/5
2.0OZ base cooper: 6/8 3.0OZ base copper: 7/10 4.0OZ base copper: 8/13
5.0OZ base cooper: 10/16 6.0OZ base copper: 12/18 10OZ base copper:18/24
12OZ base copper: 20/28150Z base copper: 24/32
Line Width
>5.0 mil±20%±20%±1.0mil
≤5.0 mil±1.0mil±1.0mil±1.0mil
DrillingMin laser(mm)
Min CNC(mm)
Max CNC drill bit (mm)
Min Half Hole(mm)
PTH Hole(mm)Normal±0.1±0.075±0.075
Pressing Hole±0.05±0.05±0.05
Hole Angle(conical)Width of upper diameters≤6.5mm:800,900,1000,1100:Width of upper diameters≤65mm:900;
Frecision of Depth-control Drilling (mm)±0.10±0.075±0.05
Number of blind CNC holes of one sidd≤2≤3≤4
Minimum via hole spacing (different network, military, medical, automobile )mm0.50.450.4
Minimum via spacing(different network, general industrial control and consumer electronic ) mm0.40.350.3

YScircuit Print Circuit Boards Production Process

PCB Stack UP


A PCB generally consists of three layers. A conductive copper layer at the top, a dielectric layer in between, and a layer of a substrate at the bottom. Standard PCBs have a substrate layer made of fiberglass, ceramic, polymers, or any other non-metal core. An ample amount of PCBs uses FR-4 as the substrate.

Aluminum PCBs use an Aluminum substrate. Instead of standard FR-4 as the substrate material.

Circuit Copper Layer

This layer transmits signals over the entire PCB board.

The movement of charged particles generates heat.

This heat is transferred to the Aluminum substrate. Which dissipates it efficiently.

Insulating Layer

This layer is also known as the dielectric layer.

It is made of materials that are poor conductors of electricity.

It absorbs the heat generated in the above layer. And transfer it to the Aluminum substrate below it.


The substrate acts as a foundation for the PCB.

It firmly holds the components above it. By changing the characteristics of the substrate, the performance of PCB varies.

For example, a rigid substrate provides strength and durability to the PCB board.

While a flexible substrate opens up more design options.

The aluminum substrate is used in power electronics-based applications where high thermal dissipation is required.

Due to its good thermal conductivity, it keeps heat away from vital electronic components. Thus ensuring minimal circuit damage.


YScircuit is one of the finest manufacturers of Aluminum PCBs.

To increase the overall performance of the product, they provide a thermal clad layer to the Aluminum PCB.

It dissipates heat in a highly efficient manner. For high power and tight tolerance based applications Aluminum Backed PCB is the perfect choice among project makers.

Considering parameters like the coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, strength, hardness, weight, and cost. Aluminum plate is an ideal choice for your project. You can modify your PCB substrate. PCBWay offers different Aluminum plates like 6061, 5052, 1060, and many more.


1. The heat dissipation capacity of Aluminum PCBs is far better than standard PCBs.

2. Aluminum PCBs provide more strength and durability. As compared to ceramic and fiberglass-based PCBs.

3. It seems ironic, but aluminum-based PCBs are lighter. As compared to standard PCBs.

4. Thermal expansion and contraction of PCB components get reduce by using Aluminum PCB.

5. PCBs made of Aluminum are environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic and recyclable. It does not create any harmful impacts on our planet.

6. The assembling process of Aluminum PCB is easy than that of standard PCB.


1. They are used in Power supply devices like switching regulators, DC/AC converter, SW regulator.

2. In power modules, they are used in inverters, solid-state relays, and rectifier bridges.

3. In automobiles, they are used in an electronic regulator, ignition, power supply controller, etc.

4. They are the perfect choice for amplifiers. Balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, power amplifier, operational amplifier, high-frequency amplifier.

5. They are used in the transmitting and filtering circuit.

6. They are used to make the CPU board. And power supply of computers.

7. Electric motors require a high current for their operation. In industries, motor driver circuits use Aluminum PCB.

8. These are a popular choice for LED applications due to their energy-saving capability.

China ODM Quick Turn PCB Boards , Turnkey PCB Assembly For Protection Relays supplier

ODM Quick Turn PCB Boards , Turnkey PCB Assembly For Protection Relays

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