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Electronic Multilayer Rigid Flex PCB , Immersion Gold Fr4 Printed Circuit Board

Electronic Multilayer Rigid Flex PCB , Immersion Gold Fr4 Printed Circuit Board

Brand Name:YScircuit
Certification:ISO9001,UL,REACH, RoHS
Model Number:YS-0033
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High quality China multilayer rigid flex PCB manufacturer rigid flex circuits factory

What is a Rigid Flex PCB?

Advantages Of Rigid-Flex PCB
Designing a rigid flex PCB is considerably more challenging than conventional rigid PCB. However, there are good reasons why rigid flex is used in some designs, particularly one that involves fitting the board in tight spaces.

Rigid-Flex printed circuit boards are boards using a combination of flexible and rigid board technologies in an application.

The proper application of Rigid-Flex circuit boards offers optimum solutions for difficult, limited space conditions. This technology offers the possibility of a secure connection of device components with the assurance of polarity and contact stability, as well as a reduction in plug and connector components.

Additional advantages of Rigid-Flex circuit boards are dynamic and mechanical stability, the resulting 3-dimensional freedom of design, simplified installation, space savings, and maintenance of uniform electrical characteristics.


Layers: 8L rigid flex pcb

Board Thinkness:0.69mm+/-0.1mm

PCB thickness in flex section:0.5mm+/-0.05mm

Base Material:PI+FR4pp

Min laser Holes:0.075mm(3mil)

Min mechanical Holes:0.15mm

Minimum Line Width/Clearance:0.046mm/0.046mm( 1.8mil/1.8mil)

Minimum Clearance between Inner Layer PTH and Line: 0.175mm


Aspect Ratio:4.6 : 1

Surface treatment:ENIG

Speciality: rigid flex pcb multilayer fpc HDI Any-Layer PCBs stacked vias, Fine circuit 1.8mil, High Density Interconnect PCB 1.8mil/1.8mil,Laser via copper plated shut

Differential impedance 100+7/-8Ω

Applications: Medical stimulator

YS Rigid Flex PCB manufacturing capabilities overview

Layer Count2-20L
Rigid-Flex Thickness0.3mm-5.0mm
PCB thickness in flex section0.08-0.8mm
copper Thickness1/4OZ-10OZ
Minimum line Width and Space0.05mm/0.05mm(2mil/2mil)
StiffenersStainless steel,PI, FR4 etc.
MaterialPolyimide Flex+FR4,RA copper, HTE copper, polyimide, adhesive,Bondply
Min mechanical Drilled Size0.15mm(6mil)
Min laser Holes Size:0.075mm(3mil)
Surface FinishSuitable Microwave/RF PCB urface finishes: Electroless Nickel, Immersion Gold, ENEPIG, Lead free HASL,Immersion Silver.etc.
Solder MaskGreen, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Purple, Matte Black, Matte green.etc.
Covrelay (Flex Part)Yellow Coverlay, WhiteCoverlay,Black Coverlay

YScircuit Bare Boards Normally Delivery Time



1. Do you offer double-layer flexible PCB?
Yes, we make single layer flexible PCB, double sided flexible PCB, multi-layer flexible PCB, and Rigid-Flex PCBs.

2. Do you provide stiffeners and cover films?
Yes, we provide black PI stiffeners, yellow PI cover films, transparent polyimide films, white overlay, and brown PI copper clad laminates.

3. Do you use adhesive free copper foil base material?
Yes. We have four manufacturing methods for adhesive-free copper foil base materials. We use spray plating, curtain coating, electroless deposition/electrolytic plating, and laminating.

4. What are the minimum and maximum thickness of your adhesive flex PCBs?
Minimum thickness is 2 µm and the maximum is 200 µm.
We ensure high chemical durability and processing compatibility for flexible printed circuits and do not sacrifice its original electrical property, heat-resistant property, and mechanical property.

5. Which IPC standards do you follow?
IPC Standards for Rigid and Flexible PCBs
The list of IPC standards below applies to rigid PCBs and flex circuits. Take note that this list is not exhaustive, and additional IPC standards may need to be considered.
You should consult the ipc.org website for a full list of available IPC standards.

China Electronic Multilayer Rigid Flex PCB , Immersion Gold Fr4 Printed Circuit Board supplier

Electronic Multilayer Rigid Flex PCB , Immersion Gold Fr4 Printed Circuit Board

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