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100% Cotton Wool Absorbent Balls Sterile Surgical Cotton Ball Disposable First Aid

100% Cotton Wool Absorbent Balls Sterile Surgical Cotton Ball Disposable First Aid

Brand Name:Henan Aile
Model Number:05g
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100% Cotton Wool Absorbent Balls – Sterile Surgical Cotton Ball Disposable First Aid

Absorbent Cotton Ball, is made of 100% cotton. With nice softness and good absorbency, they are ideal for the absorption of blood or exudate.

It can also be used for wound cleaning and for skin disinfection in assistance with alcohol or other liquid disinfectant.

Cotton is known for its absorbent properties, making cotton balls ideal for absorbing blood or other fluids during medical procedures.

Sterile cotton balls are commonly used in wound care to clean wounds, apply antiseptics or medications, and absorb excess fluids.

The soft and gentle nature of cotton makes it suitable for delicate areas or sensitive skin. It minimizes the risk of irritation during medical procedures.

They are commonly purchased by customers in large quantities to hospital, clinic, pharmacy and so on.

Product NameCotton Balls
Materials100% Pure cotton
FunctionMakeup remover,skin care,medical
FeatureSoft,skin care,lint free,strong absorption
PackagingCustomized printing and packaging

What is cotton ball used for?
Cotton balls have multiple uses in the medical field including cleaning out wounds with hydrogen peroxide or iodine, applying antiseptics or topical ointments, cleaning minor cuts and skin irritations, and stopping blood after an injection is given or blood withdrawn.

Cotton balls are used in wound care for cleaning wounds, applying antiseptics or medications, and absorbing excess fluids. They are often employed in minor first aid procedures.

In medical settings, sterile cotton balls are used for aseptic procedures. They can be applied to wounds, used for cleaning, or as a base for applying medications.

Cotton balls are used to apply solutions to the skin, such as hydrogen peroxide or other antiseptics. They are also used to apply substances to specific areas during medical procedures.

What is this cotton ball?
a small ball of cotton that can be used for a variety of purposes (such as removing makeup or cleaning a wound) and that is usually used once and then thrown away.

Why do doctors use cotton balls?
Health care professionals (doctors, nurses, dentists, hygienists, and more) use medical balls in critical applications for absorbency, such as after an injection or pricking a patient's finger to test blood sugar.

During aseptic procedures, such as cleaning the skin before injections or surgical procedures, doctors use sterile cotton balls to maintain a sterile environment. Sterile cotton balls help reduce the risk of infection.

In various medical procedures, doctors may use cotton balls to absorb excess fluids, ensuring a clear field for examination or treatment.

Doctors use cotton balls to apply topical solutions, such as antiseptics or skin cleansers, to specific areas of the body.

China 100% Cotton Wool Absorbent Balls Sterile Surgical Cotton Ball Disposable First Aid supplier

100% Cotton Wool Absorbent Balls Sterile Surgical Cotton Ball Disposable First Aid

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