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Alloy Steel T38 MF - Rod Top Hammer Drilling Tools 15-20 Working Days Production Time

Alloy Steel T38 MF - Rod Top Hammer Drilling Tools 15-20 Working Days Production Time

Brand Name:SOLLROC
Model Number:R32, T38, T45, T51, T60
Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece
Delivery Time:15-20 working days
Payment Terms:T/T,
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Location: Changsha Hunan China
Address: No55. Jiucaiyuan road, Furong District, Changsha, Hunan,China
Supplier`s last login times: within 21 hours
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Product Details

Production description

SOLLROC stocks a comprehensive supply of Tophammer Drilling Tools. Whether you require bits, coupling sleeves, shank adaptors or rods, we have exactly what you need when you need it.


ThreadRef.Rod typeLength
R25B25/H25Hex.25915-55253 ~ 18915-55253 ~ 18
R28B28/H28Hex.28915-55253 ~ 18915-55253 ~ 18
R32B32/H32Hex.32915-55253 ~ 18915-55253 ~ 18
R32D32Round32915-55253 ~ 18915-55253 ~ 18
R32B35/H35Hex.35915-64003 ~ 21915-64003 ~ 21
T38D38Round39915-55253 ~ 18915-55253 ~ 18
T45D45Round46915-55253 ~ 18915-55253 ~ 18
T51D51Round52915-55253 ~ 18915-55253 ~ 18
T60D60Round 601830,42656, 141830,42656, 14

Product features

1. Material are developed by cooperated with National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for High-performance Metal Structure Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technology to improve the fatigue resistance of drilling steel.
2. Material is from Baosteel with strict process of steel smelting and rolling: Refining - Vacuum - Continuous casting - drilling hole method - surface peeling to control the content of non metallic inclusion and harmful element.
3. Strictly control precision thread process to avoid thread too hot and broken effected by the high vibration and shaking of thread part when it works.
4. Heat treatment: Fully Carburization - Air cool quenching - tempering. It make the rod keep high toughness and improve surface harness and whole strength as well.
5. Thread strengthen: enhance the thread parts to improve the wear-resistance and longevity of the rod.

Product application

We have the most comprehensive offering for top hammer drilling applications, such as surface civil engineering, quarrying, dimensional stone quarrying, underground mine development, rock bolting, tunneling and production drilling.

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Company information

Sollroc , with more 10 years of experience ,is one of the professional manufacturer and supplier of high performance rock drilling tools like: DTH hammers and bits, RC hammers and bits, DTH drill rods and top hammer drilling tools. Our tools are widely used in different drilling applications including mining, quarrying, water well drilling, geotechnical industries and etc.

Sollroc is specialized in designing, manufacturing and developing equipments and accessories for standard models as well as the special needs of clients and provides them with the best suggestions and solutions. We practice strict and stringent quality control during manufacturing and adhered to recognized and approved quality control systems. Each of our products follows the quality requirements and procedures to ensure finished products are durable and superior up to standard.

China Alloy Steel T38 MF - Rod Top Hammer Drilling Tools 15-20 Working Days Production Time supplier

Alloy Steel T38 MF - Rod Top Hammer Drilling Tools 15-20 Working Days Production Time

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