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Glass Lined Steel Tanks

Glass Lined Steel Tanks

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Biofuel industry Factory Bolted Steel Tanks with Superior corrosion resistance

The biofuel industry is growing around the world as an environmentally acceptable renewable energy source generated from biomass. Biofuel use can reduce emissions of green house gases, lower the demand for fossil fuels and is often supported by government subsidies.

The main biofuels are, bio-ethanol or alcohol made from fermentation and bio-diesel produced by transesterifi­cation. They are both derived from organic biomass. The plants manufacturing these biofuels therefore have requirements for tanks and silos for the input ingredients, from sugar and starch crops such as sugar cane to vegetable oils or animal fats. Also storage is required for the finished product as well as for feed water and fire water tanks on-site. BIOTANQ® modular tanks and silos can be utilised in these areas giving significant benefits over traditional welded structures.

Features of glass fused steel bolted tank

We are a professional manufacturer of bolted steel tank made of glass lined steel sheets - glass fused steel bolted steel tank . Glass - fused - to - steel is the premium coating in the storage tank market . It is a strong, integrated glass and steel material coated together at high temperature around 850 degree in a automatic controlled furnace . The glass fused steel plates are assembled, bolted and sealed on erection site to make a cylindrical shape tank . It is gas and liquid impermeable , superior in corrosion resistant and need minimal maintenance during life time .

Construction of glass fused bolted steel tank

If the floor is in concrete, which is always recommended , we will provide a foundation connection method drawing as a reference for civil engineer . The concrete foundation works shall be managed by the civil engineering company , who will do works according to the land situation and relevant local geological requirements .

The glass fused bolted steel tank is usually assembled from top to down . When the top ring is properly assembled, it is pulled up by jacks or steel poles to a certain height where it is allow workers to connect the next ring . When all rings are properly connected , place the whole tank into the concrete ground . Water proof treatment and commissioning is followed up .

Advantages of glass fused bolted steel tank

* turn key service from proposal to tank commissioning .

* can be designed to future expansion, dismantle or re-movement.

* minimal maintenance cost

* No need crane or other large equipment during erection

* not subjected to severe weather and environment.

* free service for technical drawings

* superior performance in corrosion resistance and against rust

* factory fabrication tank . No painting or spray on erection site .

Covers option

Glass fused steel material roof

* gas - tight

* accommodate heavy loads from mixers and other equipment installed

on roof

* gas and liquid impermeable

Aluminum sloped deck roof

* no gas - tight

* water treatment and waste water treatment

* economical

Glass reinforced polyester roof

* no gas - tight

* water treatment and waste water treatment

* economical

* dome shape roof

Single / double membrane roof

* tank mounted

* gas / liquid impermeable

* suits for low to moderate gas pressure

* center support pole is usually needed

Aluminum geodesic dome roof

* gas - tight

* suits for moderate pressure and vacuum design

* light load conditions

* roof is lightweight

* free - span

* corrosion resistant better than many other alloys

China Glass Lined Steel Tanks supplier

Glass Lined Steel Tanks

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