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Stainless Steel Fermenter Beer Brewing Equipment Tanks System Full Jacket/50L-1000L

Stainless Steel Fermenter Beer Brewing Equipment Tanks System Full Jacket/50L-1000L

Certification: CE
Model Number: LM-50L
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Anhui longmaker Technology Co., Ltd.
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Hefei Anhui China
Business type: Manufacturer Agent Exporter Trading Company Seller
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Beer microbrewery equipment 300l small pub brewing plant for sale beer equipment

We only use quality 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel
Welders who have been welding for more than ten years only.
Key components only use internationally renowned brands
Such as: SIEMENS, ABB, control instrument using the best
No matter which part of the weld is welded, we shall protect it with argon of 9999.9% purity.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
2.Packed with plastic film in fumigation free wooden case or fixed with iron frame
3.Up to export standard, suitable for delivery
4.Customer's requirements available
Delivery Detail:
about 20~45 working days rely on the capacity and configuration

The main features for our system

1.Mashing system : it is the semi-automatic machine with seperated power controller which is fixed near to this sytem to be convenient to operate it , the heating process is automatic with 5 phase programmes inside ; this brewhouse can brew 2-3 times per day , the hot water absorbed from the wort heat exchanger can be reused to save the energy.

2. Fermentation system : Automaticly cooling system with whole stainless steel cooling pipeline which will be more durable during the operation , the cooling jacket adopts dimple welding with better cooling function , the chiller compressor with Copland brand .

3. The material adopts stainless steel Korea Pohang Brand , the polish can be 0.4UM with professional polishing machine .The welding adopts arc argon protection welding witihout any leakage with 48 hours pressure and water testing .

4. The optional elements : we can also offer Siemens / ABB motor and pump , Danfoss speed frequency device , Belimo Solenoid , Wilo ice water pump and CIP pump ,Schneider electric elements inside of the power cabinet with international repair function .

5. We can also offer installation & dubugging service , also you can make the installation according to our CAD and 3D drawing , since all the pipeline adoptsstainless steel SUS304 pipeline with ferrule connections . Our installation is quick and easy to operate .

6. We can also arrange the shippment from China to Canada with containers , all the products will be packed for safe sea shippment .

7. Our quality gaurangee for the tank is 3 years , 1 year for the electric elements , during this time we will change all the destroied elements for free , we also match the enough auxiliary fittings for you .

More detailed pictures for mashing system

How Beer Is Made ?
All beer is make from five essential ingredients
Water is the most important ingredient in beer . Beer is mostly water , so it is essential to have clean water that tastes good in order to make good beer , many of the world's classic beer styles have evolved because of good local water profiles - the balance of minerals and slats naturally dissolved into the water that give it a hard or soft character , as well as a distinctive flavor.

Malted barley is the source of most of the sugar in beer . Barley is a grain commonly grown throughout the world but especially in northern Europe , the American Midwest , Canada and Australia .

When barley is harvested , it is not immediately ready for beer production . It must first be malted . Malting is a process in which the grain is soaked in water , which causes germination of the seed to start .Natural enzymes in the barley then begin to change the starch already present in the kernel into sugar . Other enzymes break down cell walls ion the barley , making the hard , pebble-lile barley kernel soft and sugary . The maltster then applies heat , arresting the gemination process and caramelizing the sugar in the kernel .

Hops are the flowers and fruiting bodies of the plant Humulus lupulus . Brewers use hops to add bitterness to beer to counteract the sweetness of the malt . The hundreds of different types of cultivated hops provide their own flavours to beer . The flavors can range from citrusy and pine-like to grassy , earthy , or leathery , and even to apple , pear , blueberry , or other fruit flavors.

Yeast is unique as an ingedient in brewing because it is actually a living organism . Brewers use two major families of yeast : ale yeast and lager yeast . The primary difference between ale yeast and larger yeast is the temperature at which they best ferment , Ale yeast ferments around room temperature , from 60 degree to 75 degrees Fahrenheit , whereas lager yeast ferments best between 45 degrees and 60 degrees . Ale yeast also tends to have a much more robust ester profile . evoking a wide range of fruit flavors , while lager yeast creastes much more neutral , crisp , clean beers.

Adjunts ofen get a baed rap , adjunts are soureces of sugar used for brewing that are not malted barley , Wehn people speak of adjunts in brewing , they are typically referring to a microbrewery's use of corn and rice in light American lagers, primarily to add more fermentable sugar to the beer without adding any flavor or character.

The Brewing Process

When a brewer starts a batch of beer, the first thing he does is to mill the barley . Barley usually comes to a brewery in whole -kernel form . those kernels must be crushed to expose the insides to water more efficiently in the later steps . Brewers only crush grain . They do not mill it to a flour .They want to leave the husks of the barley intact to use as a natural filter later in the process .
Once the grain is milled , the brewer adds heated water . The heat and water reactiveate the enzymes that were at work in the barley during germination , which restarts the conversion of starches into sugars .Since water is excellent solvent , it also acts as base for the sugar to dissolve into , meaning that the sugars can easily be extracted from the grain .
Lauter is the pricess of removing the liquid - now considered wort - from the grain ,, the wort is drained through the grain itself , the husks from the barely acting as a natural filter bed .
The wort is then transferred to a kettle and boiled . Boiling serves several important functions in brewing . It sterilizes the wort , ensuring that no bacteria or wild yeasts ar present .During this process , the brewers will add the majority of the hops- and sometimes other ingredients- to the beer .
Fermenting and conditioning
Boiling normally takes an hour at minimum . Afterward , the wort is chilled to fermentation temperature , and yeast is added . It is at this point that the liquid actually becomes beer. Yeast can finish fermenting in as little as there days to as many as 30 days . depending on the strain of the yeast , the amount of sugar in the solution , and the temperature of fermentation . Brewers often allow the beer to sit through a period of cold conditioning after fermentation is complete.
Packing and Distribution
After the fermenting and conditioining are completed , the beer is carbonated and packaged . In North Carolina , every marjor type of packaging is employed : kegs of all sizes , bottles , cans, and growlers (half- gallon jugs) . Once the beer has been packaged , it is on it way to consumers for their enjoyment.

Milling SystemCapacity50-100KG/H
IndexStainless Steel Outshell,Double Roller,Alloy rollers
BrewhouseMaterialSUS304/316 Or red copper
ConfigurationTwo Vessel: Mash/Lauter tank, Kettle Whirlpool tank
Combined Three Vessel:Mash/Lauter/Whirlpool tank, Kettle
Three Vessel if cutomer's demand
Heat methodElectric
Steam heating via Electric, LPG,Natural Gas and so on
ThicknessInterior thickness: 3.0mm;
Exterior 2.0mm;
Welding100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
Interior FinishOverall polishing to 0.4-0.6 μm without dead corner
False BottomLaser cutting V-wire False Bottom
Sieve Plate0.7 mm Strip-shaped holes, SUS304 material
Grain rakeWith fixed speed motor and turbine reducer
Temperature sensorPT100
Sparging ringEasyclean and detachable
Spraying ball360° coverage CIP Spraying ball
FermenterMaterialSUS304 316 Or red copper
ThicknessInterior thickness: 3.0mm;
Exterior 2.0mm;
Welding100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
Interior FinishOverall polishing to 0.4-0.6 μm without dead corner
Temperature sensorPT100
Cooling mediaGlycol water or alcohol water.
Cooling jacketDimpled plate on cone and body
Spraying ball360° coverage CIP Spraying ball
Pressure TestStringent tank and Jacket leakage test by water and pressured gas
Test Pressure:0.3 Mpa.Three times before shipment
DischargeTri clamp discharge arm with butterfly valve
Cooling System
Glycol water Tank8BBL
CIP SystemTwo tanks with trolley50L-100L
Control SystemDigital panel or PLC control

1.Q: Could your equipment brew both Ale and Lager?

A: Yes, all kind of beer could be brewed in our equipment.

2.Q: I'm not a brewer, could I brew beer with your equipment?

A: Yes, we have the professional brewer to teach you how to brew, and we could give you the formulation after order placed.

3.Q: How long it will take to finish the production?

A: It depends on the capacity. Usually it'll need 30 to 50 working days for the production and Pressure test.

4.Q: How long is the warranty?

A: Three year's warranty for tanks and one year's warranty for the accessories. All life service.

5 Q: How about the installation? Could your engineer go abroad for after-sale installation?

A: Of course. ...Inquiry for getting more clear answer .

Five. Market analysis:
1, small investment and quick results
Small beer brewing equipment, to meet the production requirements, the general investment can be recovered in the year, and can make a profit, and large beer factory tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of investment, recycling cycle long, low profits.
2, unique technology, high quality beer
As the micro equipment on-site brewing, on-site consumption, can be set free of miscellaneous bacteria infection system brewing, without filtration, without high temperature treatment, without any additives unique process and the real melting of whole malt brewing in one. Therefore, of course, the taste is more pure, fresher, more nutritious, more hygienic and reliable. In particular, the production process without any additives, is any bottled beer (including pure draft beer) can not be compared with it, is the real flavor, all natural beer, can be called beer boutique in the boutique.
3, four seasons production and variety of complete
Due to the small size, flexible production, not only can produce unique yellow fresh beer, and can produce black beer, wheat beer, beer, beer, red green low fruit and winter warm beer, beer and other characteristics of Hot pot of beer at the same time.
4, convenient sales and good market
As the output is small, the hotel, hotels, shopping malls, entertainment centers and other self-sufficiency based, easy to sell, if there is excess, you can also go to the surrounding Hotel, home wine cans or beer bucket sales, the market is vast.
5, unique, improve the hotel's core competitiveness
A beer, is equal to the hotel has its own brewery and its own brand of beer, is one of the important facilities in the hotel have a unique style, so will enhance the visibility of the hotel, enhance the competitive strength, planning and publicity is more conducive to advertising and image, more conducive to China's catering industry with the world. As we all know, beer is fresher and better to drink, so only micro beer is the freshest beer in the hotel.

How to build your own micro brewery
-----Micro brewery system design

Part 1:
Make an initial communication with your brewery system supplier

You must collect some necessary information and make a general plan of your microbrewery business. Then you are able to talk about your idea with your micro brewery equipment suppliers. They will feedback you if your idea is workable. Most of the equipment suppliers like us have a standard configuration of the whole beer system which they think is reasonable and common. You must get a professional and detailed equipment list. It will very helpful for you to get full information of your brewing equipments. Of course, this equipment list just give you a top view of the whole system. There should be something which is not suitable or customerized for you. So we should talk more.

Part 2:
Work out what you want for your own micro brewery equipment

Pick up the items from the equipment description which you are going to make special design. Make a list of them and show your own idea in the list. For example, the micro brewery brewhouse system in the standard equipment list is steam heated which you may like directly fire. The steam boiler is a problem in a lot of area because it is too expensive and complicate installation. Tell to the representive of the beer equipment supplier. They will design it into directly fired brewhouse and show you their design. Another concern such as the cladding material is customerized too. You may like a copper cladding to make your brewpub more luxury while the list is with stainless steel. One by one, you will figure out a customerized equipment list according to your idea. Please remember, only spend time on the equipment list which you think everything is clear and exact. An upside-down or inaccurate brewery equipment list only waste your time and bring you to a big confusion.

Part 3:
Make sure your brewery system is designed by professional technician.

Nowadays, most of the communication happens by email. What you say about the beer equipment design perhaps or sure is another understanding if the communication is only by 'words'. What is more, doing business with Chinese companies always have some trouble with language and value philosophies. Most beer equipment designers will supply some technical drawings for your system, such as brewing tanks drawing which show you every parts of the tank, the mashing flow chart which show you the brewhouse pipe connections, the floor plan which show you the system dimensiono in your brewery and even some loading drawing to save you money for sea transportation. If your craft brewing equipment is very special and you don't know 2D drawings very well, some suppliers may design the 3D drawing to show the brewery design visually. Of course, it will spend a lot time to design 3D drawing for the technicans. Things are better if you have chance to visit your suppliers and talk your idea face to face. Or please do spend more time to make sure the brewery machine design is what you want.

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Stainless Steel Fermenter Beer Brewing Equipment Tanks System Full Jacket/50L-1000L

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